I saw the pocket fishing pole  And really liked the idea but i wanted something stronger. I reallly like Altoids so i made this. It may not look like it but this is pocket sized. It needs a little sanding but it works. ENJOY!
You should enter it in the summer water sports challenge.
cdousley (author)  A flyin muffin3 years ago
Good idea!
I just finished the 'ible. Here's link: Fishing with altoids
I am making my own (with some improvements of coarse). I will post a link here when I am finished. Mine has an actual reel.
cdousley (author)  A flyin muffin3 years ago
that sounds really cool! i cant wait to see it
glue some pvc to the back and you got a instant fishing rod
PastTheVoid4 years ago
Wow. You REALLY didn't want the insides to go anywhere no matter what happened with that much J.B. Weld.
cdousley (author)  PastTheVoid4 years ago
haha you never know what kind of fish you'll hook. : D
joshfedo4 years ago
Thats awsome!
cdousley (author) 4 years ago
I'm going to make a second one and an instructable for it. I hope you like it!
that looks cool.... could u also make some sort of detachable rood that fits in the could use a antena
cdousley (author)  zipzapper8594 years ago
if you havent made it a better way would be to put to bolt through two l brakets

ible afd.png
cdousley (author)  zipzapper8594 years ago
oh that fits in the tin I'm making a new and improved one in the morning ill add that to the instruct able check back to see the new one
cdousley (author)  zipzapper8594 years ago
i got half a fishing pole i use
browncar4 years ago
Is there anyway you can zoom in on the inside workings more . I am finding it hard to see how you put it together.
cdousley (author)  browncar4 years ago
i just took an l bracket and stuck a smooth bolt through. the i jb welded a washer so it wont come off here is a dark picture until i get a new one.
ok thanks i just got another altoids tin and i think i am going to make one like this but it might have a built in tackle box inside the tin. also i am going to try to make a small foldable fishing pole to fit in there also