Meh first instructable. My instructable is how to make an Altoids Light for a very low cost.

Step 1:

-Altoids can (anywhere you can find it)
-L.e.d. and L.e.d. holder (got some at radio shack)
-Battery's (anywhere you can find it)
-Battery holder (got one at radio shack)
-resistor (you don't need one if you have the correct voltage and amperage output)
-electrical tape
-hot glue gun
-soldering station
-switch(I used a toggle switch)

First Step
Drill out holes and place switch and L.E.D. in the holes. Then place battery pack in the way you want it and trace it with a sharpie.

Step 2:

Step two
Place battery pack where you want it and glue it in. Then outline the areas where wires and components are going to be with electrical tape. Then solder the wires in the correct polarity. And your done! Feel free to change this in any way you want two. Please leave comments. Thank you.

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