Altoids Survival Kit


Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

About: hey Im really 10 I make rockets that go over 1000 feet, pull ring smoke bombs,bombs ect Im postig alot of stuff you will love it all! I love famliy guy stewie well take over the world one day!!

This is the altoids survival kit. I take it when
ever i go to the woods so i have sone things to use
if i get lost.

This is not my idea i just made it so u have alot of
extra room and more pictures.

Step 1: Materails

what you need and where to get it:,target, and publix

rubber,target,office depo, and publix

fishing, and target

cotten,publix, and target

trash,publix, and target,publix, and target,publix, and target

paper,publix, and target,publix, and target

Step 2: Foldng Trash Bag

Fold the trash bag then put rubber bands TIGHTLY around it.

Step 3: Altoids

put the bandages in the bottem then the neosporin in the altoids can. then put the matches in the can.

Step 4: Hooks, and Candles

put in the hooks and candles...

Step 5: Trash Bag

next put in the trash bag so it fits. ( you have to jam it in there.)

Step 6: Your Survival Kit!

your done just close the can and close it with
a thick rubber band.



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    Great start! I like that you have included a plastic bag to help shelter against harsh weather! If you want to always have a survival kit with you inside your pocket be sure and include a quality knife and cordage. Also, you are going to want a waterproof back up to your fire making. :)

    I recently uploaded my own survival tin if you'd like to see how I've implemented those into my kit. :)

    kinda think you need line to go with the hooks and a couple other things, but it is good for a start

    I fit moar stuff in my survival kit... gotta post it up tho...

    NOTE. You CAN use pencil sharpeners as blades.

    Okay i'm just going to get this out there,*clears throat*<br/>in nice caring tone*This is to all the altoid tin survival kits, you can't put a respectable survival kit into just an altoids tin. Truthfully no survival kit is respectable. The best survival kit is the one you never have to use. Basically along with the survival kit instructables people should put in a guide on how to use their survival kit and just how to live off of little. People should also include links to whole web sites dedicated to survival, my personal favorite is: <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> It is a very good site and has taught me much<br/>

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    *chuckle* i don't think so. Almost all of the stuff that happens to him is 100% percent luck. Like the turtle eggs or the large blocks of flint right next to his shelter. Or the fact that the berries he ate DIDN'T kill him. And in Brian's winter, The fact that the Flint broke off into perfect arrow head shapes is NEVER going to happpen. But they are an enjoyable read.

    right, but he would have survived had he not been so lucky ( not the winter though)

    dont forget superglue......if you mix it with the cotton it will set on fire within a few minutes and LAST a few minutes

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    Not just fishin' but can also be used to catch small birds and animals if anchored on the ground with a little bit of bait in 'em.

    Not really, while food should be a top priority, most people can survive up to THREE WEEKS without eating. Now if anyone knows the magic 3s, it's 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Air seems to be in pretty good supply, hmm, how 'bout water? Put some purification tablets and a 1 quart zip-loc in that Altoids tin. I remember when I was on an FTX with the Civil Air Patrol, out in the middle of nowhere (desert), I consumed 2.5 gallons per day. A handy little rule that Lt. Col. Meuhlheisen taught me is 'You lose 1 quart through perspiration, 1 quart through the moisture in your mouth being evaporated(breathe through your nose), and 1 1/2 quart through unination. While we're on the subject, it's best to super-saturate yourself before you go into the field, then keep hydrating normally. Now, besides a 1qt Zip-loca nd IODINE purification tablets, there's a few other very important things. I know the goal here is to stuff it all into an altoids tin, but if you want to survive more than 12 hours with that, forget it. Add on some Clif bars (That's your food, it'll keep you alive just fine, just remember that the body has to waste water to digest food.), a poncho, a flint and utility knife, a compass and map, flares, gloves, and a Camelbak to stow everything and keep you hydrated.. That's about as simple as I can put it. There's plenty more things that would be very handy, but you've gotta keep you've gotta keep your loadout as light as possible. If you carry more than 10% of your body weight, you'll lose 25% efficiency. Bad deal. Also, add some gear appropriate to climate. Hand warmers in the cold, cold morning are very nice.

    I was taught three hours without shelter was the first '3' but the air one sounds important too. So four '3s' ?? (air shelter water food) The fishhooks in some kits have always sounded unimportant because I thought you consume more calories fishing than fish can give you back. I know the shelter one depends on the environment, my (very simple) training was for mountain hiking in the northeast.

    I have always wondered with these fish hooks in kits, how many people actually could get a viable source of food with them....

    Honestly, I never really considered shelter. That's a rather tricky one... Depending on the environment, though, it could be rather vital. Also, the fishhooks to depend largely on where you are... I for one am in the desert. I'll have to think about proving shelter on next-to-nothing for a little while, and comment back later.