this mini lunch box is perfect for packing snacks for road trips and such.

Step 1: Materials

altoids tin

2 beads

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks


wire cutter (not pictured)
You better hope you're not that hungry, though.
<p>just use more tins. :)</p>
<p>I've been looking all over for a lunchbox tin to use as a restaurant gift card holder. This is SO cute!</p><p>Thanks for sharing. It's simple, most people have everything on hand and can make it right away.</p>
Oh its so cute! I'm still deciding what to make with my one &quot;precious&quot; altoids tin though
also put rubber bands around it so it does not open by it self
this is so awesome use it for on the road and your hungrey for a snack then just take from that awesome
Of course you could put a snack in the tin without making it look like a lunchbox, but it is so cute who would want to? I think this is a very cool instructable. Thanks.
One could probably omit the beads completely. Anyways, good 'ible.
It was a very unique idea. I think I might actually make one for my husband who's deployed right now.&nbsp;think he will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing this!
That Handle will pull off really easily I would recommend that you solder/braze it on instead.<br />
&nbsp;i would have soldered it but my dad wont let me use the soldering gun
Good idea, but i need more than cashews and 2 cheese crackers for a meal
this is just a snack box though
oh sorry the title says "lunchbox" so i just figured it was a whole meal. I understand now.

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