this delicious, nutritious heart-shaped egg is perfect for serving to your significant other on valentine's morning as part of a balanced valentine's breakfast. amazingly, no special bird is required to lay these eggs. the heart-shape is obtained using an ordinary hen's (chicken's) egg and a little human imagination and dexterity :)
p.s. this instructable comes to you fresh from the kitchen of italian chef extraordinaire (yes i know that's a french expression) alvise who has wrenched himself away from bubbling pots of pasta and cassoela to share his creative culinary secrets with you.

Step 1: Boil Some Eggs

first things first: boil some eggs. although this instructable requires only 1 egg, it is best to use 2 or 3 (with the extra eggs acting as 'spares' because mishaps do happen when they are least required or expected). to boil the eggs, you will need a pan of cold water. put eggs into pan and bring to a simmer (or gentle boil). cook for 2 minutes to achieve yolks of the slightly runny consistency shown in the main image, or 3 minutes for firmer yolks. once the eggs have been cooked to perfection, shell them by tapping lightly onto a hard surface or with a blunt implement to crack the shell and then break/peel off the shell and the membrane that lines it.
Very fun! All eggs should be like this :)

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