Picture of amazing idea for a remote detonated airsoft land mine!
this is a prototype for a remote detonated airsoft land mine. i would like to remind you that this is a prototype that has not been tested, but thrugh reaserch and hopothosies is expected to work very well. i am also not liable for anything stupid u do with this mine, and it may have potential to be dangerous!!!

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
the materials you will need are as follows:
A car
a model rocket motor
a model rocket motor ingiter
a model rocket launch controller
a metal vegtable can (empty)
airsoft bbs
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camoboy02 years ago
or you cad slowly drill a hole in the end of the rocket and scrape all the file out. and then CARFULY mix it. and it should turn to flash powder.( it worked for a m80 I made)
bighead54543 years ago
You could attach a green paper-plate to the ignition button, then part-bury the remote in the ground, plate-up. It'd be a form of pressure-activated landmine.
sparkels5 years ago
or you could use a M-80 fire cracker they have a good sized explosion and can be modified to house a rocket igniter but that's my idea
sounds dangerous..... and illegal
Its not fun if it not dangerous or illegal
r3nrut sparkels5 years ago
Could you please make an instructable on how to do that?
whats the point of putting the rockey engine in the car?
'cause normaly the rocket engine is meant to propel the model rocket upwards. but leaving it exposed to heat changes the chemical reaction to explode instead. explosion+BB's=enemy is dead.
Dead. Literally. LOL
gpalma1 sam19973 years ago
BY the way great idea. i never would have thought to use all those old rocket engines for something useful.
Garebear3503 years ago
In stead of heating the motor, throw it on the ground about 20-30 times. It forms a fracture which equals big boom!!
puma b326 years ago
You are aware that the danger zone is 100 feet for the engine especially for an engine of that size, it could take your finger(s) off
ya. this was one of my first ideas and was never reallly tested, i think i put that in the ible. i honestly would not recomend the actual use of this mine, there are much better ones out there. however, i have kept the ible in case somebody just want to see something to spark there imagination or something.
i have tried this with old rocket motors. THIS IS A VERRRRRRRRRY IFFY SITUATION!!! the motor wil only explode abput one out of ten times, and most of the other times it just sprays fire every where. a much better way to do this would be to follow these steps : take a smaller motor (a or b size) and crush it so all of the explosives and propellant comes out. mix it all up with some extra explosive stuff (mathc powder, gunpowder etc) and put it all back in, then plug the end. the thing should now look like a rocket motor with a plug in the end. put the ignior in, and then try it. also, it might be a good idea to epoxy the ignitor in to make it sealed better. this is only if you insist on using rocket motors. a much better idea would be just a firecracker in the can, with the ignitor in it. any qs or cs?
puma b32 ilpug6 years ago
Nahh, just take out the propellant and us the explosive ejection charge. Also switch the plastic BB for metal ones and then you have a CLAYMORE MINE This way you know they are out.....................and most likely dead
ilpug puma b326 years ago
so your some kind of survivalist right?? lol jk.
ilpug ilpug5 years ago
 okay. i said that a long time ago. i have since found that it is easier to take half of a tin can, and a small rocket motor. instead of dissasembling the engine, just put the ignitor in and glue it in on both ends with epoxy. then let dry. it will explode just like an m80. put the modded motor in the bottom of the can, and glue it in ( hot glue is fine) fill with bbs and cover with paper. paint if nescessary. i have used these to great effect with a home made detonator. i might make an ible of this. any Q's?
puma b32 ilpug5 years ago
Much better, one thing.... bigger engine=more BBs :)
i have made an air pistion land mine but it lifted me off the ground cause it was REALY REALY HUNKING HUGE like 3ft across and 1ft tall and it shot like 5000 bbs so it was desined like a cup with a piston in it and it was 2 power full and it was shooting bbs up 2 75yrds with 60psi sooooooooooo.............
666irock5 years ago

dude what would happen if you tryed it with a tiny engne???

Colonel885 years ago
The engin e will just go DOWN or UP and will not explode. However maybe if u did something that flies up and then explodes... Sorta like a Bouncing Betty from COD5
iBurn Colonel885 years ago
 An airsoft bouncing betty would be a bad thing...Consider how you would have to launch a bb container into the air without hitting the guy in the nuts, then have it explode in his face without hurting him...
mimjitsue6 years ago
Perfect, now we can melt the plastic before we blast it all over the enemy.
well, MOLTEN is better than SOLID when it comes to projectiles...
iBurn beehard445 years ago
 "Molten is better than solid"
That's what she said.
Sorry, couldn't help myself....
Rockerx6 years ago
A fire cracker may be safer and i believe you could light it with the model rocket engine lighter. Since its a quick burst and not continuous. Otherwise good idea, I've been trying to think up a way for a mine but...I like this one!
granted, a firecraker would be more controled, but i belive that a rocket ingine would provide more bang and btw, it would not be continous, seeing as it will explode
ideas, just grab a really tiny rocket for safety, run the fuse out of the motor then PLUG the nozzle SHUT, that way you create a BOMB and not a ROCKET....
wouldnt the rocket just spray the bbs all over... not really explode like a real grenade? can u put a video up
i do think it would be, thats y i added step 6 After vernors gave me the idea
yeah i think it would
XWXAXDXEX5 years ago
bb waster -.-
yoyohead4155 years ago
HOLY CRAP!!!!! A model rocket engin crazy that wont work
slayer045 years ago
heat from that rocket engine would most definatly melts the bb's and container, I wouldn't try this especially in a wooded area, it might cause a forest fire. Also rockets only provide thrust, they wouldn't shoot the bb's anywhere just melt them into a ball...
2bad4u5 years ago
I love the idea but as friendly critique I don't like the idea of using a rocket motor... for safety reasons... now I don't have the money or the means to do this but I wish someone would, and that is to use air pressure that is released by an electronic valve or piston... in theory this would work just as well or better... and it has some room to grow... if someone had the know how you could take an infared sensor or a tone frequency sensor and make it remote from ridiculous distances...

idk... give it a thought... the motor function is really easy build and fairly cheap... plus it is reusable unlike the rocket motor...

but I do comend you on your design...
the mechanical engineer (author)  2bad4u5 years ago
ya thanks. take a look at some of my other ibles and you will see that even i think this idea is hopless and outdated, and i don't even use it. i now have alot better stuff. i also don't like the use of the rocket motor, and have now figured out that a firecracker and straight nichrome works better, but at the time i made this ible i was just using what i had, and, in theory, it would work, even though i never ran an actual test. thanks for the comment, and be sure to check out my other ibles.

i made an airsoft landmine that cost me 15$ every time i clicked the button
What did you get like a keg of black powder and get a 55 gallon drum and fill it with BBs and then light it and BOOM! Although that would probably kill the person, but people would probably gather around it and wonder what it was and then it would blow their faces off.
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