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bcoz i decided it looked pretty much like owen-mons kar 97 i thought it would be fair to give him most of the cred
but i have done my own thing with this gun and now it is nothing like his gun and is mostly mine....
my bits
extended jamalams mag(okay so partly jamalams?)
new barrel
better stock
strengthened stock
iron sights

hey this is my first instructable so please dont give it bad comments unless you have built the gun yourself.
somtimes the pictures arnt very clear but i will put some text to help:)
fires yellow rods

pros:looks good
V comfy
good range(about 125 feet with 4 rubber bands)
giant magazine
new barrel type low friction rollers ( if you post instructable using this then please give cred to me i think im the first person to use this?)
sometimes trigger slips off
need strong firing pin to add more than 4 rubber bands

piece count:)
white connector= 10
blue snowflake things=54
red connectors=17
grey connectors=40( but 2 need to be decapitated)
grey semi circles=8
yellow semi circles=80
green connectors=20
orange connectors=30

grey rods=3
red rods=4
yellow rods=7 (plus ammo)
blue rods=66
white rods=70
green rods... alot i couldnt count them get as many as you can...

lets get started:D:D:D:D

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

image 1: make 2 of these

image 2, 3 and 4 make this but make sure all the blue rods have two blue spacers on them that can spin easily

image 5-6: bit blurry but i think you can get what to do, grey rods btw:)

image 7-8 the little black things on image 7 are Y connectors

all other images... see notes on them...

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle

speaks for itself
quite easy

Step 3: Magazine(s)

Picture of Magazine(s)

you can make as many magazines as you want as long as you have the pieces....

Step 4: Stock

Picture of Stock

the buttstock for my rifle

Step 5: Main Body+ Internals:)

Picture of Main Body+ Internals:)

the insidey parts and the body that houses it

Step 6: Optional Scope

Picture of Optional Scope

not got pictures of making it coz i had to glue it together but you shud be able to make one that looks like it

Step 7: Firing Pin + Trigger

Picture of Firing Pin + Trigger

firing pin and trigger r quite easy although you WILL have to put super glue and a rubber band on the firing pin to stop it breaking...

Step 8: Putting Together and Elastics:)

Picture of Putting Together and Elastics:)

final step:D


Oompa-Loompa (author)2009-04-01

Not even close to zero friction.

zero-friction does not exist on this planet. Zero-friction means the gun would be so slippery that the bullet would fly out of control. Everything needs friction.

yerjoking (author)Oompa-Loompa2009-04-04


Bartboy (author)yerjoking2009-04-27

Well, in case you didn't notice, it is impossible to make a zero friction gun.

yerjoking (author)Bartboy2009-04-28

Oh gee, no sh!t? I gathered... What made you think I was that stupid...?

Bartboy (author)yerjoking2009-04-28

Well, actually it is. It would just suck....

yerjoking (author)Bartboy2009-04-29

... Why are you even posting these comments? I seconded what Oompa-Loompa said... So why tell me it's near impossible when I already agreed with someone that it is (sort of).

boobiewizz (author)Oompa-Loompa2009-04-05

i tried:)

boobiewizz (author)2009-05-03

woo i made a type 99 i think its the first one ever:D look on my page if you wanna see it

looks good im gonna build it after school today

luke11wolf (author)2011-05-31

you copied some dude off youtube for the aerosol can thing

what are you talking about. he didnt copy anyone. original gun.

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2014-12-05

very nice gun, but i dont want to superglue my knex as i will take my guns apart and build new ones.

elwoodknight (author)2012-08-31

cool gun 5 star all the way ps can you check out my gun and tell me what you think its a assault rifle bolt action 25-30 round mag and a front grip with an attachable grenade launcher heres a link

sammyhond1 (author)2011-06-04

whats so amazing about it?

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-05-17

the scope is CHUNK

boobiewizz (author)2009-05-01

i gave you cred for handle and stock it does look a bit similar hrrmmmmm.... i shall give you more cred

Owenmon (author)boobiewizz2009-05-01

Oh sorry. I didn't see that. XD

rozier1 (author)2009-04-10

Nice Job

SonicX 22 (author)2009-04-06

ur right this is an amazing assault rifle and the best scope

boobiewizz (author)SonicX 222009-04-08


The Jamalam (author)2009-04-01

cool! I like the fact you used some of my parts! lol ;) Quite innovative

Master_Zane (author)2009-04-01

Looks good by what it did to the aerosol can. And good new concept. A little bulgy and pompus in parts but overall, 4.5*.

lord voldamort (author)2009-04-01

this looks really good for a first gun 4.5 stars

dutchwarlord (author)2009-03-31

looks good

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