Amazing Knex Dragster





Introduction: Amazing Knex Dragster

i put this on youtube a while back its kinda where my love for knex cars began (even though ive been building them since i was three) enjoy



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    yah i put a r/c racing battery in it and it does insane wheelies

    yeah but when it does, it ends up snapping in half. thats what happened to me with mine with regular battery in street

    i love that car can u post pics . i am a car fan my self .all of my knex stuff is cars.



    i used to drive this around my neighborhood all the time then when i crashed it i had to put it back together or carry it back home depending on the damadge

    where you get the motor plz reply back

    thats really cool! but... ...i don't have the steering thingy, would that pose a problem? as in the way it moves. or can you make it without the steering thingy?

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    well it runs on the largest knex motor"burnout drag engine" which has the steering system builtin and since its radio controled with out actually having the original burnout dragster set it would be hard to do. but if you do have the original engine and not the front you could easly build one hope this was of some help


    COOOOOOOL! I think that you could post a video of it going down the sidewalk or something. I was looking forword to seeing it go. The video only showed it move out of the camera shot.

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    ill have to rebuild this one i was messing withit and put it away and it got totaled but i finished my baja finally so i will build a dragster mark 2

    i think i will gotta rebuild though check out my other cars

    I like this one the most because its very realalstic


    Dang dude! Thats awesome!!!

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    thanks if i do rebuild this i will post

    omg omg omg oh no what should i tipe