This little rocket costs next to nothing and can achieve amazing altititudes.
All credit for this rocket should go to pudi.dk as his "ultimate straw rocket" gave me the idea for this one.
This is my first instructable, be as harsh as you see fit, all criticism is welcome but do be fair.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials needed:

skinny straws(not flexy straws).
larger straws(still not flexy).
hot glue gun sticks.
tooth picks.
a BIC pen.

Tools needed

A foot pump.
A pair of scissors.
a skewer (for dismantling the pen).
I used to use a pump to launch darts out of tube. I would make them out of cigarette butts and needles. Just taper thw back side of tne butt to act as the feathers and insert your pin,needle etc.. It would make a nice popping sound when launched and was pretty accurate too.
just blow into it.
ther is no video
good observation ;)
nice, looks sick im from aus too, sweet country nsw for lyf, i got my pump from a bike shop and it goes hard, i have made this and it works reall well. i congrdulate you on this great instructable, very easy too follow =)<br/>
Thx heaps mate,glad u enjoyed it. if u wanted to u could give it a positive rating. thx again.
hey zeero360 a reply to ur question: I think i got my pump a few years ago at marlows( that car care shop) but i think they have shut down now, u could try some kind of bike shop, somwhere like auto1 or even something like k-mart. hope that helped, please tell me how ur hunt for a pump goes!
yer im in auzzie 2 so where would i buy a pump
oh thats probably why i dont know what it is, im in australia lol.
what is harbour freight??
Just like the biggest retailer of Chinese crappy hardware and other stuff. Go to their website. I think it is the obvious .com and add "usa" to it too for the other site.
you can buy those pumps at harbor freight for like 5 dollars
wow thanks joejoe, do u really think i should put it on youtube? oh and just out of interest did u actually build one of these and test it? if u did ide love to hear about how it went!
Cool. Maybe if you post the video to youtube or metacafe people will watch it. Great instructable!

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