I love to larp and i've been wanting a spear so i decided to make one one day.it's approximately 5' 3" and can be used for slashing and thrusting attacks.
thank you. It's the heaviest weapon at my park and is known to crush fingers.<br />
&nbsp;wat do u mean park?are u in a LARPing group&nbsp;<br /> if so then could u please tell me how to start one in a park by me
i'm between groups right now but i'm writing a rule book for my own larp, forgotten legacy.<br />
so to start a group i just have to have some rules a place to fight&nbsp; and get the word out
could you make an ible for this PLEASE!!!!!!
to make an ible for such an uneffective weapon would be a sin, it was heavy and uneffective. 3/4 inch pvc 1' of funnoodle on the blade add a pommel and your done
&nbsp;5 stars<br /> <br />
whats hewing?<br />
a hewing spear was a spear which could also be used for slashing attacks <br /> <br />
pic<br />

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Bio: I'm a hard core LARPer, i'm working toward my goal of becoming an army ranger (step one drop to below 200lbs)
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