I worked hard to make the first BraceLED a cool project and a good Instructable... I really did! ...and yet, a few days after publishing, I got uncomfortable. Restless. Although I had plenty of other things to do, I couldn't get my mind off the BraceLED. It seemed to me that I had left something out that should be in.
Was this really the best I had to offer? Couldn't I think of any more improvements? Something extra? Something to make it just a little bit better, easier, funkier?

Well, you know... Of course I could! So here it is, BraceLED version 2.0. And here's the video...

BraceLED 1.0 has a few (non-critical) problems, that are more or less fixed in this version:
- The LED's are more secure connected to the circuit.
- The layout and design of v2.0 is much more straightforward
- Because of that, BraceLED 2.0 is (even more) easier to make
- In version 1.0, switching on the led's is a bit awkward, using a loose supermagnet. It serves it's purpose, but elegance is a different thing. Version 2.0 solves this handsomely.

I will keep BraceLED 1.0 online, because it has it specific charms that are different or altered in this new version (I like the gap underneath the leds in v1.0, for instance). Perhaps the best of the two versions can be combined in something new... If you have any ideas on that, please step forward!
debashman made it!3 months ago

Just had my students make 18 of these for the school play! Thanks!!!!

ynze (author)  debashman3 months ago

:-) You're very welcome! Very nice. Thanks for hitting the "I made it" button.

ADLR02 years ago
Great project! I'm planning on doing some of these with my friends, but I have a doubt about electricity. Shouldn't we think about the voltage, resistance and so on so LEDs don't break and have enough power? I would like to know about that topic before venturing with the project. Any advice? Thanks!
ynze (author)  ADLR02 years ago
As long as you stick to 3V button cell batteries you'll be fine. I did this with high school students (15 yr old) two weeks ago. They made great braceleds! I used 3M coppertape instead of the copper foil that's described in the I'ble. The copper tape makes things much easier, so that would be a good tip. Have a look at the pics (I found pink and blue ducttape!!!! Wooowwwwww :-))

Cament2 years ago
Brilliant! What a nice idea! added to my "to do list" c:
ynze (author)  Cament2 years ago
Thanks! Please post a pic when you made them.

erodarte3 years ago
We are doing these for a library event for our teens! To make it a cheaper craft we used aluminum foil and velcro circles for clasps. We also covered the aluminum foil with more duct tape to make them sturdier :)

Thanks for an awesome idea!
ynze (author)  erodarte2 years ago
I'm a bit late with this reply, but: FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting! I hope the "kids" (are teens kids??? :-)) had fun making.

jochemspek4 years ago
and but also, you forgot to give the LED's their own rectangle.
I think he figured it was kinda obvious. However, I do agree, he should, for consistency's sake, give the LED's their own rectangle...
Ganoderma4 years ago
great idea, might make one just because they are so easy sometime :) (and because I have ~ 30 spare red LEDs I bought in bulk sometime :P)
gvan4 years ago
Great idea but my battery must be coated or something because the magnet will not stick to it.
ynze (author)  gvan4 years ago
Hmmm, that's funny. Is it a Lithium cell?

gvan ynze4 years ago
yes it is a lithium cell. But today I bought another brand and it sticks to the magnet now so prob solved. Thanks for your really fast response I appreciate it. Making this for a friend of my sons who has a band and he thought it would be cool.
ynze (author)  gvan4 years ago
So the braceLED goes rock 'n roll :D
Cool project, an idea i had was to make the band out of a flexible solarpanel so you dont need batterys.
jochemspek4 years ago
i believe it is called a 'neodyninium' magnet.
ynze (author)  jochemspek4 years ago
Neodynamonium, you mean, obviously.
jochemspek4 years ago
o jes, and but also can I vote for these braceLEDS ? where ? really funny you have the same backname by the street.
ynze (author)  jochemspek4 years ago
Sorry jochemspek, but voting was closed about last week ago.