Introduction: an Insanely Sweet Card Shooter Gun!

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Hello, this is my first instructable so be nice!

~***I am not liable for any damage done with this gun, so be careful, and dont aim at people, or pets, or any living thing really(it can leave large welts and bruises)!***~

Step 1: The Items!

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ONCE AGAIN: i am not liable for any damage or injuries caused by this gun!!!dont aim at any living thing!

You will need: least 1 old playing card (this will be ammo so however many cards you have, is how much ammo you have).
2.a old bow like thing except not as curved ( i used an old 15 inch curved shoehorn)
3.a rubber band (stronger the better)
4.a knife or scissors

Step 2: The Gun!

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its simple: create a hole in one end of your curved bow-like item, then tie a know to keep it in place.

Step 3: The Ammo!

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just take a card and cut a notch about a centemeter from the bottem on the log side.

Step 4: The Shooting!

just put the rubber band in the notch, pull back, aim at your target, and let go!

Make sure you watch the video!


nathan.holan (author)2018-01-18

shoe horns cost to much

panzerunit5 (author)2008-02-19

realy good i give it 9/10

drum=forarmmuscle (author)2008-01-18

totally awesome. check out my page and leave a comment there.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

xxkeanureevesxx (author)2008-01-18

pretty nice i would haver never thought of something like that thumbs up! :)

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