Me playing around with my analog sequencerbox. It contains: a self-built 16-step analog sequencer from 2 4017 ICs (CV out + 4x drum trigger out), Gakken SX-150 analog synth, the guts of a finger drumkit, a mini space rocker analog drum after plans from eric archer and a weird sound generator after plans from musicfromouterspace.com. PCBs glued to plywood front panels, all is connected with banana jacks.
The vid is a bit older, the actual version also has a little mixer in it and MIDI sync.
I might post an instructable if someone is interested but it has become rather complex, so it will be some work to document it in detail. But i think there are already some existing instructables about analog sequencers, just put everything in a box...

That sounds pretty great and I like the circular display. You should post an Instructable of this.<br /> <br /> I like to think mine is a little better than &quot;just put everything in a box&quot; :)<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Sequencer/<br />
Sry you misunderstood this - I&nbsp;meant that any other sequencer circuit could be used for this. There are better designs, I chose the simplest I&nbsp;could find. I just wanted everything I need built into this suitcase so it's easy to transport, that's the idea.

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