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Introduction: Animal Jewelry Holder

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There are so many different versions of this jewelry holder online, but I don't think we've had it on Instructables yet! It's super simple and and I can't stop myself from doing a project that involves spray painting. :D

I've decided to keep my animal jewelry holder very plain, but they look great with neon and metallic colors too!

Step 1: Tools + Supplies

  • old plate
  • small animal figurine
  • E6000 glue (seriously, I wouldn't trust anything else! BEST GLUE EVER)
  • paint

Pretty easy! I'm using a small glass plate I found at a thrift store years ago and a ring-tailed lemur figurine. :D

I chose a matte spray paint suited for use on plastics, but you can really use whatever you like.

Step 2: Glue Your Figure to the Plate

The easiest way to do this is to apply the glue to the bottom of the figure, let sit for 30 seconds or so, and then press it lightly down on the plate in the right place.

If your figurine can't stand on it's on, you'll have to do some creative balancing because the weight of the figure will allow the glue to set properly. :)

Place the plate + figure in a safe, clean place where it can't be disturbed for at least overnight. E6000 can take a very long time to cure (24 hours), so it's better to be safe than sorry!

Step 3: Painting

If you're using spray paint, I recommend several light coats. It'll look nicer!

This is especially important if you're using a soft plastic figurine - sometimes their colors bleed when you start painting.

You may want to apply a clear coat after if your jewelry stand gets a lot of love! Otherwise just let it dry overnight and then use it :D



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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! It also looked very cute unpainted.

    Simply brilliant idea! I would cover it in clear paint too to make it more glossy and porcelain look ;)

    1 reply

    hi, what do you mean by clear paint?

    I saw a good sized bag of plastic animal figurines at The Dollar Store.

    Hobby Town and Orscheln farm supply stores sell Schleich figurines.

    This is so awesome.I bought 2 of these as gifts ( one a cat and one a dog )and paid $22.00 for each one. Guess who is going to make herself one!

    I have this feeling, that an unpainted lemur on a painted plate would've looked so much better. But it's great this way too :)

    1 reply

    I thought about it, but then decided spray painting is too fun to not go all out. ;)

    Very cool. I feel the need to do this with dinosaurs.

    1 reply

    I did too! I actually bought three dinos but they were all a little too fat for the plate. :D

    Now I need to figure out something else!

    where did you buy the lemur? I have been looking all over a long tailed figurine

    1 reply

    Jeffrey's Toys in SF - but I think they've closed since then.

    This is a Schleich figure - so that might help you track it down. :)

    What a brilliant idea - love it. Thank you.

    That is amazing. Making my mum one today (: thank you