{NOTICE} the custom vehicle icons that i make freely available on my website are not for resale. {/NOTICE}

owners of the garmin nuvi line of gps navigation devices can create their own personal vehicle icons to supplement or replace the vehicles that ship with the unit. i've had mine (a nuvi 350) for over a year and the moment that i learned that i could craft my own custom vehicle i knew i had to have my very own batmobile!

the process can be broken down to two basic steps: 1) creating the source images and 2) combining the images into a single file that can be converted into the file format the nuvi uses for the icon.

unlike other gps units which use a single static image of the rear of the vehicle, the nuvi uses an image array to generate an animated icon that can be viewed from 360 degrees. it really doesn't matter how you create the source images: you could draw them and scan them in or create them in a paint program. for this exercise i'm going to show you how i used photographs of a model car to make the icon. i've also used 3d models to create other icons.

Step 1: Choosing Our Vehicle

for this project, even with nearly 70 years of different batmobiles to choose from, the choice was actually quite simple: the version that debuted in february 1950, if only because i just happen to already have a die-cast replica that i bought for $6 on naked impulse at my local rite aid last summer.
Dude, you could make any icon with this using other toy objects (dragons, horses, videogame characters, animals other than horses, etc.)
Thanks! Finally got rid of that massive blue arrow that blocked out street names :D
True :D
gr8 instructable, by the way... does ani 1 know how to play music or videos on a garmin nuvi 2oow? plz message me if u have the answer.
Excellent Instructable! My stupid tablet computer with Streets&Trips 2007 finally stopped working, so I bought a Garmin Nuvi 200. yesterday. The first thing I installed on it was the Batmobile! Thanks for allowing others to have it, and keep up the great work!
i want to make the hellraiser box for mine ;0
Nice to take the time.. If you work for an ad agency though then hats off to your lateral thinking!
i see my generosity is not to go unpunished:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Garmin-Nuvi-Batmobile-Icon_W0QQitemZ170212254558QQihZ007QQcategoryZ139836QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem">Garmin Nuvi Batmobile Icon</a><br/><br/>i've just sent in an infringement notice to ebay.<br/>
Wow. Some people really suck, eh?
What would be awesome is if you could do a 3-D of a Light Cycle from Tron. That would be pretty Kick-A. (If you don't know what a light cycle is, search it on wikipedia)
my first thought was "superman!" :p
what if u did this with pics of urself...it would be cool to make it looked like ur walking while u move....hmmmmmm...makesd me wonder.......
That was pretty cool. I always wondered how someone might go about doing that. Well explained and illustrated. I could see a small market opening up for selling customized vehicle characters to owners.
for those who want to make their own, as far as vehicle choices go, from my experience, the best choices seem to be vehicles that are somewhat boxy. vehicles that are long and low or that are tall and narrow will look tiny relative to a more cube-shaped vehicle that can more efficiently fill the small 80x80 space alloted to it.
this is awesome! im doing this for my nuvi 660, theres just one small question of what ill make mine. possibilities seem endless. hmmmm
i'd say you've already got a great icon going on there!
Cool! I wish i had a gps....... Great job!
That is great! You should have made the batcopter, batmobile or not, it looks like you are blocking the grid and traffic ain't going nowhere. You'll have to get the commissioner to fix your ticket.:)
Awesome job!<br/><br/><sub>Now all I need is a DeLorean...</sub><br/>
My dad has a garmin i wonder what icon i should make for him

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