Picture of another ipod nano dock
Bild 033.jpg
I know, there are many examples of selfmade ipod docks aroud the web.
But i think nobody has done it this way yet.
It fits quite well to the design of apple and is cheaper than buying an original dock.
This is an easy way to give your nano 2nd gen a worthy place to rest.
It took me about 2 days working on it.
I dont exactly know how much money you would have to spend for the materials, because i already had most of the things i used to build this.

edit: i don't know why, but the detail frames in the pictures won't stay in right position and shape, so keep this in mind if  you wonder why some of them do not make sence at all.

Step 1: Tools and materials you need

Picture of tools and materials you need
Bild 032.jpg
for the inner case i used:
- white plastic plates, differently thick (0,5 and 1 mm)
- powerglue and hot glue
- some small pieces of metal (shape does not really matter)
- an ipod connection cable (USB), i ordered a cheap one at ebay
- the original ipod dock connector (not shown in the picture), which comes with your nano

the outside casing is made of:
- casting resin
- black rubber and metal for the foot

You can buy everything (except the ipod connection cable) at your local hobby store.

- a ruler
- a cutter
- strong tape and packaging tape
- sandpaper
- hot glue gun
not shown in picture:
- a glass
- somnething to agitate the resin
- a syrine

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3VIL G3NIUS5 years ago
 thats one sexy dock!
fn06afranci5 years ago
i attached leds to the cable and added a push switch. looks great and great tutorial
I really like this Instructables. I have a very old ipod I got at a yard sale and most of the rest of the materials. Having worked in a dental lab, I know about working with resin-type stuff and the need to agitate it. When thinking of what to use to agitate the resin at home, I came up blank and then thought (sorry if this is getting too personal...) I'll use my vibrator!
wow thats just wrong ^^
jmn19935 years ago
dam good idea man..
will try this one :)
have you thought of selling these?! I would if I were good enough at building them! I am gonna make this in the near future!
Derin7 years ago
No,not the original iMac design!;)
Mad Cat Derin7 years ago
That's not an iMac.
I Know! I have a apple green 3g
Derin Mad Cat7 years ago
its a mac tho
marc927 years ago
I made a dock for my nano that looked similar to this with the ipod cord and the original package that the nano came in. I added some blue leds too for a cool glow. I'll post a pic soon.
marc92 marc927 years ago
here are the pics
Cool blue glow is cool.
=SMART= marc927 years ago
wow very niice!!
Very well done, it looks Amazing!
Darkshot marc927 years ago
how you hook up the LED's? ive been wondering how to do that without a battery or is it battery powered?
marc92 Darkshot7 years ago
you cant see it in the pics, but there is a switch on the back and 12v inside (i used a 9v and 2 AA's) I know 12v seems like a lot for some LED's but it is a bar with 5 surface mount LED's and some resistors. maybe I'll post a pic of the insides/bottom soon
Darkshot marc927 years ago
awww...i really wanted to know how to add led's to the wire so it charges your ipod and puts out light that would be cool :) i think this calls for a fourm topic... :)
marc92 Darkshot7 years ago
I bet you could do that fairly easily! You would have to modify the USB cord and find the positive and negative wires inside it by using a multimeter. Just attach the LED to the respective wires and put it in the case. Beware: This may not charge your iPod properly and may damage it.
Darkshot marc927 years ago
see...but i WANT it to charge the ipod and light a LED and yes i already knew that trick but thanks for the help :)
marc92 Darkshot7 years ago
Doing what I said may charge the iPod and light an LED or it may do harm to your iPod. I do not know what will happen. If anyone does, Darkshot and I would be glad to find out (at your own risk).
make an instructables
Pie_eata marc927 years ago
dude thats sweet would be Awesome if u made and instructable on it. i imagine its prettymuch self explainitory but i wouldn;t know how u done th Leds
cheeto_36 years ago
ummmm i would buy one of those for idk maybe 30$ (paypal) if you made it universal (any iPod would fit it) but i guess youd need the mold for that anyways if its ever made cheeto32393@yahoo.com
Rhinomods7 years ago
Hey Fun Idea! I see that the box is sitting on your pc with out the case on. Why not cut a small hole on the top of your pc and build the dock onto your computer. You could even go hardcore and solder the usb connector directly to your motherboard if you wanted to...
=SMART=7 years ago
Hey this is very cool!! it looks really expensive!! :D
Derin =SMART=7 years ago
yea >:D
iMatjo7 years ago
It looks simple but it's not cheap looking. Thumbs up!
cotton7 years ago
its beatiful but you should a a to b jack on the dock and it is simplerer
The N3rD7 years ago
Not bad, looks peofessional!
saturnv78907 years ago
where are some good places to find plastic like this? are there any household objects with suitable plastic?
AngusBBQ8 years ago
Hey, i was just wondering if you had completed a dock that used the dock connector to play audio. If you know how to do it, please reply, or email me at circlesoffire@gmail.com
marc92 AngusBBQ7 years ago
if you use the serial cable that came with the ipod and open itunes with your ipod connected and click on your ipod and then on a song it will play on your computer's speakers.
cool definatly have to make 1!, iv never casted a plastic thing, so i want to know what kind of plastic do you use,and does it poor liquid and then harden, is it toxic, etc.
Kauz (author)  !Andrew_Modder!8 years ago
use any plastic you can cut and bend for the inner case. the transparent exterior is made of Clear Casting Resin (google that). At first it's liquid then it becomes hard as wood. that's it. i wouldn't drink it, but you don't need a protective mask.
oh, cool that sounds great! For what i wanted to know about its toxicness i meant could you make your own, umm say clear jumbo spork :-P ?? and eating with it ?(when its solid lol)
Kauz (author)  !Andrew_Modder!8 years ago
hm, nice idea, but i think teeth are harder than the resin. so you could scratch or bite and swollow pieces of that material. and you don' want to eat plastic, right? If the 'spikes' are not too thin, so they won't break off, it could work fine. When the resin is solid, it's waterproof, it won't melt in ya mouth :-)
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