Picture of apple hot air balloon
I know it's not the best but it was fun making it!

What you will need:

Graham Crackers
peanut butter
mini marshmellows
an apple
two knives
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Step 1: Cut your apple

Picture of cut your apple
cut your apple in half and the slice the half into slices:)

Step 2: Grahams Turn!

Picture of Grahams Turn!
Cut a small piece of a Graham cracker and put peanut butter on it then add your twizzlers for the sides and then stick your two grahams together:)

Step 3: Add it together!

Picture of Add it together!
match all the bottom with the apple and then decorate your blue plate with the mini  marshmellows  to make your clouds!!
DrRedu1 year ago
Looks like a pretty decent snack! Great job!