Be the envy of all your friends as the first one to own an apple watch. This stylish watch will never need updates, and will tell the correct time at least twice a day.

This healthy watch is sure to stop people in their tracks, and Apple fan nerds will be tripping over themselves when you tell them you got the new Apple watch.

Make your own. Prank your friends!

*title image credit to The Verge

Step 1: Gather Supplies

  • apple
  • knives
  • lemon juice

Step 2: Cut Ends of Apple and Core

Cut the top and bottom off a large apple. With a paring knife remove the core of the apple.

Trim away excess apple insides to make an opening large enough for your hand.

Step 3: Add Lemon

Sprinkle lemon juice on the apple to prevent oxidization

Step 4: Carve Time

Digital or analogue? Your call. I like to stay classic and go analogue.

I trimmed up the wristband to give it a sleek appearance.

Step 5: Wear Your Watch With Pride

Slip the apple watch onto your wrist and strut about. You're the nerdy envy of all the tech geeks

<p>This is the best joke ever!</p>
<p>there is no way i am not making that</p>
<p>Oh My Gosh Im totally making that </p>
<p>Real Apple watch but how iWatch apps work properly on it..</p><p>http://www.mobilepundits.com/iWatch-app-development </p>
<p>So cool lol</p>
<p>lol, nice idea</p>
<p>Work video mp4 on Apple watch? :) </p>
Really I thought it would be a smart watch but lol
<p>Interesting! It's the real apple watch!<br> I own Sykla smartwatch that I purchased at http://sykla.com/</p>
<p>what a lovely cover pic, lives up to your pranksgiving code name 4 sure!! great idea</p>
ahahahaahahaha fantastic!!!?????
<p>Being accurate only twice a day might be an issue</p>
Same here
This is the place for knows
<p>LOL I have thought it is real when I saw the first image and I have surprised when I see the rest of that.(;</p><p>Good job (:</p>
<p>great watch.....awesome idea ... :) </p>
<p>wow,so interesting.</p>
You know what apple said when they were asked if it could tell time? Oh $h!t.
<p>this is also probably even more advanced then real apple products... just saying :P</p>
I want a proper apple branded watch
<p>brilliant, just finishing my instructable on how to genetically modify an apple big enough to get my hand through.</p><p>I also like the addition of the lemon juice battery permanent charging option!</p>
<p>Epic watch </p>
<p>What a delicious Apple Watch. I like that it's correct only 2x a day and there's no need to sync it to a phone. Another huge plus is when the technology gets old, I can just eat it. Yum!</p>
<p>I LOL'D Great one!</p>
<p>you are a genius I so voted for you.</p>
Hahaha Delicoulus
That is sooo funny!
Cute! Love this play on the new Apple Watch.
I linked this to Google+ just to see how people react, I'll let you know. Good prank, really!
Lol awesome. Thanks for sharing!
A grisly elegant design. This is hilarious
<p>Haha hilarious! </p>
Clever idea!
<p>Bet it outlasts the proto-types! Thanks for the giggle.</p>
<p>You are hilarious.</p>
the next big thing is here
Genius. I will queue for hours for this.
Nice! It's literally and &quot;Apple&quot; watch. Hehehe
<p>Hope you used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McIntosh_%28apple%29 And not just any old boring one...</p>
<p>I see what you did there. Very nice. Very nice indeed!</p>
<p>It tells the correct time, provided the correct time is just after four o'clock. </p>
It's so beautiful
Can I log into my Instructables on it still lol
<p>Wowsome :)</p>

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