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Introduction: April Fools Your Computer

lol you can to some funny April fools stuff on your computer lol. well what you will get as a result is someone who doesn't know why they cant use anything on there desk top. so you kneed to take a screen shot of there desktop and then put it in paint then you can set it as the back ground and right click on the desk top and click on the"arrange icons by" part in it then when you do that go to the task bar and right click on it then click on "lock task bar" (if not checked off) then go to the task bar and put the cursor on the bar over it and pull it down (up or over it depends on where your task bar is). and there it is so . I'm in the April fools contest and if you like my instructable that please vote.☺



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    or after unlocking the taskbar, you can pull it up, covering half the screen, and lock it again

    Nice, but you could do it better by changing wallpaper to desktop picture and terminate explorer.exe in task manager.

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    Exactly, once explorer.exe is off, they will think its their actuall desktop. making them shutdown the computer thinking it was frozen :D nice post Rein

    well it would work that way but it would go back if you turn the computer off so if they see there comp on and think "i dident leave that on" then they would shut it off and it would reset

    I think you should write an Instructable rather than just leave lots of screenshots telling us what to do.

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    y cant i do this it works beater for people like me who like to see what to do insead of read it

    Why do you need to need to take the screen shot? If you put the screen shot as the background it would be great, none of the buttons would work because they would be the background...

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