hello knexsbf i bulit yet another gun by djradio the ar-4 v3 i was gonna post a fourm but i cant post fourm (thanks to the stupid pro system) so i tried a slideshow

barrel: 9/10
ram and rail system:9/10



parts usge:10/10


the ar-4 v3 is a great gun i loved it it had a the features i like on a gun i would bulid it if i was you
How can PRO be stupid? It dosen't have the correct attributes to be mentally impaired.
9/10 <br>stock:10/10 <br>barrel: 9/10 <br>handle:8/10 <br>barrel(fake):8/10 <br>ram and rail system:9/10 <br> <br>power:9/10 <br> <br>mag:9/10 <br> <br>parts usge:10/10 <br> <br>add-ons: <br>bipod:100/10 <br>scope:8/10 <br> <br>= 9/10 <br>Knex super builder freak=Grade 6 math graduate
Oh, I found a way to post forum topics. If you cant post a forum topic, press alt+f4. It should work.
or control-Q if your a mac like me
when in doubt, C4
Nah press the big red button that says &quot;DON'T&nbsp;PUSH&nbsp;THIS&nbsp;BUTTON&quot; on it.
no go to C:\ and delete everything inside it, it might take a while but its a big virus
Im not that dumb.
Yeah, that sure would work. (says sarcastically)
btw you done with my OSSR review?
it will be up trommro and i need a new camera card so it might be some time before i get my pic of it
plz post 10*
dj radio posted it
I already posted a review on this gun. By the way the gun is far from 10/10. More like 8/10
8/10 is 2 away from 10. 9/10 is very very close.
Hi thanks for the answer (my comp wouldn't let me post on your orangeboard) but to condradict your answer a freeloader for a GBM seems odd as the games are all universal and work in any country!
Your reviews, and I'm sorry to say this, are ridiculous. Literally nothing should get a 10/10 because there is nearly always room for improvement. Also, I wouldn't slag off the Pro system...
I don't think that anything should score a ten either. But I don't like the pro system.
If you didn't give most things 10/10, why is it overall? Make it 9 because that seems to be the average.
Yeah, that would make more sense.
You gave the bipod 100/10 twice, lol.
cause i love it
I could tell.

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