Step 4: Types of arrows.

Picture of types of arrows.
there are lots of arrows that are available with each of them offering different advantages, i will cover a couple of types of arrows below...

CARBON: carbon arrows are very light, but they are less stiff than their counterparts, and they could also be considered more dangerous as carbon fiber doesn't bend and snap, it splinters into lots of small shards that could cause damage to you or your bow, if they aren't used properly.

ALUMINIUM: aluminium arrows are slightly heavier than carbon arrows but they are stiffer and break less easily, they are also safer because they don't splinter. another advantage of aluminium arrows are that they are easier to cut to size if you make your own arrows.

WOOD: wooden arrows are the most basic type of arrow, they were the ones first used with early bows, wooden arrows are used with longbows and some low power recurve bows, wooden arrows are not used with higher power recurve bows or compound bows because they would break much too easily, wooden arrows also use feather flights rather than the plastic vanes of carbon or aluminium arrows, this makes them less durable.
aaron14145 years ago
i have a carbon arrow ....i think but iys back came off were it clips to the string for a compound bow will super glue work to put it back on
the nock came off? many nocks are not glued in. just a press fit, so that you can replace the nocks. nocks cost like 5 cents. carbon arrows cost $12-20 each.
bedbugg2 (author)  aaron14145 years ago
You should use proper archery glue on arrows that are being used on a powerful compound bow...look at this... http://www.merlinarcherycentre.co.uk/acatalog/Fletch-Tite_Fletching_Cement.html
badideasrus5 years ago
i have to disagree on the wooden arrows not holding up thing. wooden arrows, back when, where used with very good results. and bows that they used them with had insane poundage. i've heard people say as much as 150 lbs for a longbow. they used wooden arrows. its been said that after a battle, they would go and get the arrows from the bodies and use them again. so they hold up just fine. i think the reason they use carbon and alluminum is the amount of control. a wooden arrow is organic, and subject of growth flaws and variations. this makes a wooden arrow bend differently. each arrow is unique. they are harder to spine test, and to find the right arrows for. they are also heavyer than other arrows. they work just fine however. also, i have yet to meet a hunter that shoots anything but carbon fiber out of modern compound bows, so the disclaimer that carbonfiber is dangerous is ridiculous. if you shoot it right, you're going to be fine. most use carbon fiber because it is the lightest, and most think it shoots the fastest. a carbon fiber arrow with the same spine as an alluminum has a smaller diameter shaft, meaning less drag. its really up to the user to determine which they like best.
Caym5 years ago
I always wondered why people say wooden arrows wont hold up ...
especially when you consider how heavy the longbows were in medieval times...
NRen2k55 years ago
I wonder which recurves are so powerful that you shouldn't be shooting wooden arrows from them... ? I have a 50# Damon Howatt "Hatfield" that seems to shoot 70-75# shafts best and yes they are wood. Sure wouldn't mind shopping around for other nice bows.