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Introduction: Architecture Model Making

architecture model making    
        material , ply wood 
size of plywood is 1/8" thick
cutting tools,
binding tool
                         samad glu
first design the outer portion then slab can be cutt on scal and past then the detail work is done
scale.. 1/4"
red water color is use on top of slab 
my facebook page; architecture wooden model making
all the detail wooden model images is on my page 
i hope you people like my work plz comment on my work for new ideas . i love architecture wooden models



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    That is incredible! Keep up the good work you have talent! some ideas to consider: boat house, blimp house and buildings that are filled with wonder. When I grow up and I need a house designed I will let you know. thank you for this Instructable!

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    you did a great job, but what it lacks is proper presentation.

    My suggestions are:

    1. Change the main image (that is the first image). It should show the finished project rather than both of you sitting around the unfinished one.

    2. brake down all those images into sequential steps with a caption and some explanatory notes.

    3. Add a step for material required and tools required. If possible post images of the materials and tools used

    4. You can include architectural drawings with some details in a separate step.

    Otherwise it is a well executed project

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    ok sir thanks , i will do it

    Nice work,Change main image, and post a finished picture on main image

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    ok , i will do this . sorry i am new in insteuctables

    interesting work..!good job..i second you antoniraj sir..!

    This is awesome :). Ditto for antoniraj's suggestions.