Introduction: Arduino IR Repeater

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Did you ever encounter that your new sound-bar was to big ,and you could not get the IR of your tv to work

no problem this project will fix this isue by capturing the ir signal from your remote and send it back to the tv whit the use of an arduino and an ir circit

Step 1: Componets

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arduino : to process the ir signal

IR-receiver : to capture the data from the tv

IR-LED : to re send the signal to the tv/other ir-device

IR remote : used to test the program

IR device : used to test the program

Step 2: Assembeling

in this stap you will learn how to connect the components to the arduino.

connect the pins of the IR-reciever to the listed pins:




connect the IR-LED to the listed pins:



this is all assembly required

Step 3: Programming

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now you need to program your arduino.

1. download the ir-libraries from the source :

2. downoad the soft_reset lib from the source :

3. import it into arduino

4. download my program and send it to your arduino

5. DONE!

Step 4: Finnich

Picture of Finnich

place the comonets on the richt place and you're fully done


giovap (author)2016-12-13

you setted this tuto with a public licence.

But this is not public at all as we have to become a premium member to download your code.

So you probably want to choose an other licence, or publish your code.

MJohns81 (author)giovap2017-08-27

Thats a very good point, while it may not be proprietary(due to the open sourse aspect of all arduino projects) its definitly a design original, and though it doesnt warrant a utility patent you could potentially get a design patent.

MJohns81 (author)MJohns812017-08-27

you definitly want some kind of registration of publication on your design before publishing your code in a open source forum

MJohns81 (author)2017-08-27

Can I do this without the top piece (the piece ontop of the arduino)?

I just want to receive and resend same ir signal like an extender or corner turner since ir requires line of sight.

Ironman718 (author)2016-11-12

I still have loads of questions. Which Arduino did you use? Did you use a shield, which one? The code that was copyrighted, put up a link to that one so we could get an idea as to how the program works. The final project, where did you mount it in accordance to your entertainment system? I hope this is viewed as constructive. Best of luck in your endeavors.

zweistein002 (author)2016-07-09

It is very nice, but where is your program? :)

fill.scheers (author)2015-12-16

sorry link was removed due to copyright from library,`s

rsuzano (author)2015-11-03

I cannot find de link do "MY PROGRAM" to

parth_bhat (author)2015-09-17

i cannot find the link to "MY PROGRAM"

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-26

Cool Arduino project.

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