this project is the first step in an advanced pc power switch.
this first installment will show you how to power your arduino from your computers power supply even when your computer is off.
and take control of the computers power switch using your arduino.
After this there are many different things you can do to activate your pc 

Supplies you will need:
an arduino, any will do!
and jumper wires (two f-f and one f-m)

phillips head screw driver (to open your computer case)

Step 1: Powering the Arduino

now obviously we cant get power from the usb port when the pc is off!

you will be tapping into the +5v standby pin on your computers power supply.
the easiest way to do this is simply to take the male end of your female to male jumper wire (or any wire) and stick it down the back of the connector and secure it there.
this is a constant 5v source when the pc is off and on.
then you just run that wire to the 5v pin on your arduino. dont use vin unless you have a 3.3v board (like my pro mini).
the ground can come from anywhere be it the 24 pin atx connector, a hard drive connector, or like what i did an unused usb header.
<p>Hi, Do you HAVE to unplug the two plugs to connect the Arduino to act as power button? Can't you just tap into one of the power button cables so you could still use the physical power button to turn it on and off. I want to integrate the Arduino to receive an ON or OFF instruction via email to remotely turn on my pc when I'm at work, so I can start a Teamviewer session on it.</p>
<p>You should be able to! The only thing I'd worry about is a scenario where the Arduino is outputting +5V and the physical button is pressed. I think this would short the Arduino's output pin to ground =(</p><p>You could probably get the same functionality by having the physical button be an input to the Arduino and handling both the email and button presses in the Arduino's code. </p><p>Let us all know how it goes!</p>
<p>Hello from Venezuela. Sir, can you send me the circuit diagram ? thank you!</p>
Relay will needing for that right inorder to control the AC
I'm not switching on and off the high current AC just using the arduino in place of the power switch on the pc case. It's all 5v
Can you send me the circuit diagram of the adruino to connect with CPU..?
<p>I don&acute;t get this completely. you say: &quot;there will be two wires from your power switch to your motherboard.</p><div><p>unplug them both (note from me: unplug them from where? from the power switch or the motherboard?? I guess it should be the power switch since the arduino will replace the power switch?) and connect your jumper wire to the ground on your arduino being powered by your computer. touch the other end to one of the two pins. (those two pins on the motherboard right? if I don&acute;t get the correct pin at the first time will I fry my arduino board or something? aand the last question, once I get the pin that will turn on/off my computer, I connect the other end of the wire to the pin 13? or I keep it at GND and connect the other pin to the pin 13?).<br><br>thank you!!!</p></div>
<p>Hi, this project is great! I have a question though, do you know if it would be possible to do with a laptop computer?</p>

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