Arduino Powered Light Show!





Introduction: Arduino Powered Light Show!

well, alot of work went into developing the software that drives this whole light show but the hardware is just a arduino hooked up to the sain smart 8 channel relay controller. but im very pleased with how it all came out, also expect for my software that allows this to be done easily, published here in a couple of days EDIT: software is now available for download!!!



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    Hi, do I need to join and go pro to get this instructable?

    Hello, very nice instructable, unfortunatelly I can"t download your software cause it gives me an error. Can you do something about that?

    alright somethings up with instructables web site, i just re -added the file to the ible and no change occured

    Thank you very much, everything is ok now

    Are you still planning to release the software to control the lights? That would be awesome if you could.

    yea, the netbook i wrote it on went belly up, so i gotta do some data recovery before that happens

    Very interested in this project, I am ordering my Sainsmart board. Any idea when you will get the software side of things uploaded?


    Thanks for the tip on the sain smart relay board. I was going to build a board as described in several other instructibles but I couldn't build it for less than a sain smart board costs