i will show you how to make arduino rfid read and write on lcd

Step 1:

Hi there!

Today i will show you how to make arduino rfid read and write on lcd. Download the code and load it on arduino it does not matter witch one but i prefer uno and infiduino.

Things you will need:

*lcd (16,2) eny one i used 16 by 2

*rfid (rc522)

*rfid tag


*some jumpers

*pot (10k)

Step 2: Lcd Pinout

Connect rfid scenner and lcd to arduino as showned on schematic and dont forget pu put pot on vo of the lcd if you dont you will se apsulutly nothing.

Lcd connections

vss - to gnd

vdd - to 5v

vo - to pot

rs - to arduino digital pit 7

rw - to gnd

e - to arduino digital pin 6

d4 - to arduino digital pin 5

d5 - to arduino digital pin 4

d6 - to arduino digital pin 3

d7 - to arduino digital pin 2

A - to arduino digital pin 8

K - to gnd

Step 3: Rfid Pinout

3,3 - to arduino 3,3 volt rail

rst - to arduino digital pin 9

gnd - to arduino gnd rail

rqi - not connected

miso - to arduino digital pin 12

mosi - to arduino digital pin 11

sck - to arduino digital pin 13

sda - to arduino digital pin 10

Step 4: Trying It Out

when you are all done connect arduino to power sorse and wait to arduino turn lcds back light when che lcd cleans scan rfid card then go thro the progrem when is over it will say success 16:-) the lcds back lights will turn off then reset your arduino to start program over again.

thanks enjoy

Hi. Sorry for the delay for any more information send a mail to timtolar@gmail.com<br>Thanks.
<p>MFRC522 mfrc522(SS_PIN, RST_PIN); </p><p>This is highlighting as error when i try to verify code? any ideas</p>
<p>if you need any help you can email me : nevzat.peker16@gmail.com</p>
<p>now it worked u should uptade your mfrc522 lib </p>
<p>code isnt work for me i tryed 10 times,rebuild 10 times but never work for me any helps </p>
<p>Tim when you look at there can you help us ? there is a problem on code to where you converse it to byte </p>
<p>i found this problem, How to solved this problem??</p><p>invalid conversion from 'byte {aka unsigned char}' to 'MFRC522::PICC_Type' [-fpermissive]</p>
<p>i got this problem too and i dont know to how to solve it </p>
<p>Hello there nothing show on screen how solve it ? </p>
<p>*A - to 5v</p>
have some one have an idea for a nother project please post it n a comments
<p>Great project. This arduino setup has a lot of potential applications.</p>

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