Introduction: Arduino Tutorials Part 1

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this time i will show how to program a button in the Arduino progam,
most of the time, people just use it to block the voltage that comes trough the wire.
but now, it is regonized by the arduino.

have fun, dinky

Step 1: The LED

Picture of The LED

 insert the negative-pin to ``gnd`` and the positif/pin in ``13``

Step 2: The Wires, the Bread-board & the Button

Picture of The Wires, the Bread-board & the Button

 insert the 1st wire in:'' 3v3 ''
insert the 2nd wire in:''4'' 

Step 3: Programming

if you already have the arduino software, you have to go to:
file / sketchbook / examples / digital / button.

if you don't have the software you can download it ad:

but you have to make some adjustments:
int inputpin = 2 ; the 2 is suposed to be 4.


lemonie (author)2010-01-16

This isn't quite complete. You've said how to connect an LED and two wires, but you haven't mentioned the button, or how it works. And you're vague on the coding for this.


KnexFreek (author)2010-01-15

 AWESOME!!! 5 stars!!!

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