Arrange Your Furniture the 21st Century Way




Introduction: Arrange Your Furniture the 21st Century Way

hello everybody,

another super quick instructable here. have you ever been tricked into arranging the furniture by your spouse, parents, friends...?

did it ever take more than just 1, 2, 5, 10... tries?

or maybe you need to hire someone to move your furniture and you don't want it to take forever costing you extra money (disabled persons, elderly etc.)

or you just want to play around with your apartment design and need help visualizing it better.


a very simple use of the tape measure and a computer software such as illustrator (you can find free alternative software here) can overcome this issue forever !


step 1 - measure your room's dimensions, width + length

step 2 - measure each furniture in your room, width + length

step 3 - enter each measurement into the designing software as a new rectangle box

step 4 - name each box you create and group it with the box, so now it can be moved on the page freely.

step 5 - now you are free to move your furniture around WITHOUT getting tired or needing someone until everything is planned out.


for the ladies, this should be much more easy to convince spouses now to move stuff around.

and for the gentlemen, you can show this instructable to your spouse and gain precious hours that may otherwise have been spent on decision making.

plus i attached an illustrator file that is ready to go, just download, edit each box dimensions/names and you'll be done moving in no time !


i am going to have to use the software again to rearrange all our bananas (fruitarianism), because they are taking over ! and if you think this is many bananas per household, you have seen nothing yet my friends;


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love and peace.




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