Arrows for Paper Clip Bow





Introduction: Arrows for Paper Clip Bow

Need good target arrows for paperclip bow, well here they are they are accurate and can stick in wood.

Warning! these can puntcure skin
do not shoot at any living thing

Step 1: Supplies Needed

paperclip bow
tape (eletrical or duck tape works best)
paper to make your own targets(I use paper frogs as shown inpic below)
markers for decoration (opitional)

Step 2: Pre-parring Straws

This step you only need to do if you are using bendy straws.

Cut under the bendy part of the straw and keep the long end. These will be th arrow shafts.

Step 3: Putting the Points on the Arrows

Take the peice of straw and wrap some tape arround one end of it.
after you have wraped tape a couple times around one end make sure there is a hole big enough to stick the toothpic in it.stick the toothpic in half way and squeez the tape around it so it will stay.

this pic is of the tape wrapped around the arrowwithout tip.

Step 4: Making the Nocks

cut a little ways down the opposite side 2 times. make the cuts across from each other an put a piece of tape around the bottom of the cut so it dosent split the straw.

sorry about pic its aliyyle blury but its a pic of the knock

Step 5: Aim and Fire

take your bow and arrow and knock it on the rubber band.pull back ,aim and fire.if you w ant to see better pics e-mail me and i will send u better pics.



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it doesn't puncture anything and it shoots slowly.

he stole my idea and i already made one better then him and

I've been looking for ammo thnx Archer0382

simple. You need a paper clip, tape, and rubber band. Just bend the paper clip into a bow shape and either make hooks for the rubber band or hot glue it on. Then , using the tape enforce the bow by wrapping tape around it. :)

i dont get it ???

Oh I remember making similar bows in school a couple years ago ^_^ I felt so proud that my new "toy" was a bit hit XD I didnt know that it was a big thing

You should fill the straw with quick setting clay or hot glue. Nice job though. :)