As Long As It Lasts _ Real-time Animated Typography for Dance


Introduction: As Long As It Lasts _ Real-time Animated Typography for Dance

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Simone Truong, the choreographer wanted to dance with light and words. From the text and from her movements she asked me to dance with her, myself being a projected body of light on the scene, dancing with her in direct.

The object I use is very simple : a cardboard box, the outside is painted in black, the inside painted in white.
A neon the width equal to the box is suspended inside.
A little hole on the top of the box, let just the objective of the camera pass through.
In the box I animate black shapes and letters, some black paper cuts, some drawings on paper or transparent film.
The camera records, over-exposes it, amplifies the contrast, and adds a negative video effect before the image signal goes to the video-projector, on the scene, with Simone.

If you want to know absolutely everything, you can look at this page, it's the entire process and discussion.



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    here we go ! The third image is instructable ! I am sorry but i don't have any picture of the actual real object, it's out of my reach now, sorry. Thanks for comment !

    Hm. This has a lot of potential, but I agree with what pyro seems to be getting at. Instructables are good ways to show off what you've done, but the point is for other people to be able to replicate your project. The second image (diagram of the stage) is a good start; I get the basics of what's going on. I'd love to see photos of your actual setup -- the box you created, what camera you used and its settings, etc. It's a cool idea, nevertheless!

    oh, no.... ! I answered ich bin ein pyro, but it wasn't recorded for some reason ... So yes, I was apologising this instructable not being enough instructable, and i will do it very soon. I don't put things here to show off, showing off is a waste of time, and it's offending other people respect, not my intention. I get inspired by many of the projects i see on this website, I think they are great, much better than mine, and I want to payback by putting my projects. I want to be able to say : "we share", I give my best projects, and I get other people's projects in return. I love that, and let me not be ashamed of contributing. Peace.

    By the way, the site that cesar links tosite that cesar links to is detailed, but has more information on the choreography of this particular piece rather than the stage setup, itself.