Picture of assassins creed hidden blade
yes fellow gamers it is here

this is the assassins creed hidden blade
i recantly got ac bloodlines for my psp and i thought about making one

go easy this is my first instructable

yes i know it is just a door slider attached to your arm, but hey it's close isn't it

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials

1  drill
2  rivet tool
3   dremal

drawer slide thing???
leg knife holdster ($2 princess auto)
rivets with same size drill bit  (5/32)

Step 2: Process

Picture of process
1     take the knife holdster and cut pouch part off

2     drill holes in drawer slider and knife holdster

2.5     drink pepsi (optional):p

3     rivet slider to knife holdster

Step 3: Finished

Picture of finished
now go invit some friends over and show them your new toy

plz comment rate and subscribe
be nice plz
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FFVIIBOY4 years ago
i dont own any of the Assassin's Creed game but i played a demo for the DS game on my ipod touch and it was pretty cool, but i am really in to swords and the hidden blade is one kind of sword i want to have
I respect you, but the hidden blade isn't a sword, it's a xiphoid.
yeah but its a type of sword pretty much. its a sharp blade and thats enough for me to like it what your thinking of is called a katar, though not the traditional version which is stationary, it is a form of katar.
If all three parts locked into position, and it came off your arm to use, I'd *assume* it'd be long enough to be called a short sword. Quick, fun, cool!
the hidden blade is more like a type of dagger not sword a sword has a longer blade at least a foot and a half and thats a short sword
Phixius4 years ago
Am I the only one noticing that his finished product has a lot more done to it than simple drawer slide riveted to a knife holster? There are locking mechanism on there, knobs to attach a spring to, and that doesn't even look like any drawer slide I've ever seen to begin with. The Instructable is simple enough to follow, but he didn't use those instructions or materials to make what he's wearing...
that slider came out of a server drawer, its real heavy duty. this is awesome cause i got a bunch of those things. i had thought of this but never went through it.
Cool. Do you know if slides like this are available online anywhere, or what I'd actually have to search for? "Server Drawer Slider" doesn't seem to turn up anything looking like this.
they're not server drawer slides, they were accuride sliders.... hope this info helps.....
Thank you!
btw, according to my observation, you SHOULD use ACCURIDE SLIDERS because they're compact, meaning it's as if there's no ball bearings, easy to conceal, soft lubricated, strong metal and heavy duty......thats why 5 of 7 hidden blades of mine are from accuride sliders....
im not too sure i only have them cause i got them with a pile of scrap(along with the rest of the server cabnet)
Techie_Gary2 years ago
what about the lock thingy?
Techie_Gary2 years ago
what about the lock thingy???
why the muff is this in the electronics section!

carlpogi_114 years ago
can u do all the step u only do the important things pls reply immedietly i like to do this project sori for the wrong spelling ^_^
It's not very hidden if it's that big :)
92buckshots5 years ago
 maybe you could add a spring pin to lock it in place so it doesn't slide back in till you want it to.
look up xiphoid.
its a part of the body not a weapon your talking about something totally off subject dude
indeed it is. but they use the xiphoid term to designate this kinds of daggers.
... ur off topic.. a xiphoid is a retractable dagger weapon, so before hating, I recommend you to thoroughly research the topic..( lol mean voice) im not trying to be mean... and btw.. next time u google. try googling "xiphoid weapon"
and nice idea with the drawer slide.. it could use some work.... im current experimenting with this.. so hold you horses people... its coming.. =)
philsons4 years ago
I dont want to be rude, but this isnt a wrist blade or xiphoid, its a draw slide you have strapped to your wrist?

I like what youv done so far but its not finished, and on that note I recommend not to post a 'how-to topic' on something that hasnt been finished/

Im not trying to be rude, but all this page does is mis-lead people.

Cant wait to see finished product.
yes i agree... but it wouldn't be hard to add a spring, i made this project and added a spring and it worked so well that i had to take it apart to get the blade out of the tree...
yo man i just gota ask where u got the slide. i have been making xiphoids for a long time now ( FOR FILM MAKING ONLY!!!!!!!!!!) and i have never come across a slide like that. i even might make a tutorial about saftey on this stuff. i have read like a hundred things about kids killing themselves with shanks because they are stupid and dont care about them selve. ANNYWAY i would like to know ASAP about the slide. Thanks Dude and Btw check out my channel. ill have some new tuts up soon
jookbox1014 years ago
the hidden blade is supposed to be on your left hand...
how would you attach the blade to it? cause the door slider piece doesnt look very sharp
fail4 years ago
get an angle grinder and sharpen it up. O.o
Aztof5 years ago
go to, and search for "gun rig", I think that you will find it is quite easy to expand on this wonderful concept

I already did that, but it's kinda big tho. I'm trying to make it smaller. But college don't lemme much time :D
same (except 4 the college part) I'm currently working in a rig/xiphoid that borrows from cowscankill's Mk 4 design, I would recommend trying something like that Oh, and there's a website dedicated to making xiphoids, can't remember the address, but if u ask cows, he'll probably know
If my mind doesn't tricks me, its called exoticautomation
the site name is exotic automatic, but the url is diffent. anyhow, here's a link hope it helps you w/ the xiphoid, it sure helped me
jplastow4 years ago
a bit big ....dont you think
I did it! (including pepsi)
QassemDemon5 years ago
man can you help me i need you to help me beace my english is not good please can you?
where can i find the holdster?
ericnguyen5 years ago
is there any way u can cover the door slider without it interfering with the mechanism
ericnguyen5 years ago
Nice contraption but no offense but it isnt even hidden.
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