Picture of assassin's creed lego multiplayer board game
this is a board game my friend made

Step 1: Build the buildings

Picture of build the buildings

it is important to have the buildings and obsticals
tina477 months ago

Wow...Lego - development environment for new games :)

j7hs09912 years ago
I'm so making this
hsmith284 years ago
NICE........ im reaaaalllllly thinkin of makin this out of plasticard and makin rules more deep and in game
thealeks4 years ago
this instructable doesnt really explain how to play the game. it all, its quite lazy. a full rule list would be nice. instructions on how to actually make the game, or suggestions on other ways would be nice. i read thru the whole thing and have no idea how to play.

it looks like a good game. i just think it needs more explaining
This is amazing!
knexinventer (author)  knex inventor4 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago