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not exactly the greatest but it is cool and hurts if you rub it against your wrist. its not really good for stabbing but more for slicing. the entire thing was really made for design then effectiveness.

i made it to go with the DD-27.

i hope you like it!

Step 1: Handle

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not hard. just make sure you look at the pictures.

Step 2: Knife Blade

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easy, just make from the picture.

Step 3: Connect the Blade

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just connect.

Step 4: Now Go Stab People!

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just kidding,(no seriously, JUST KIDDING!).

if you tried to stab someone with it the blade would break off before anything else. but if you rub the edge of it one someone it hurts. the edge is rough.


warsoldier94 (author)2009-07-22

is there any way that you can make the blade strong and not so flimsy? i was thinking i would try putting three layers to the blade instead of one...ill post if i have success or a fail

knex_mepalm (author)warsoldier942010-03-09

If you put 3 layers itll make a mace, I made on and it bruises cuts and also burns... 3 important things! YAY I almost hit this robber.

dsman195276 (author)warsoldier942009-07-22

this was made for looks, not function. you could put 3 layers on the blade,but i figured it looked better with one.

alfpwns (author)2008-08-25

id make this but it meeds a sheth (however u spell it(cover)) so i could add it 2 my belt Has a holster for a Ommpa lommpa s pistol and aall50s knife im makeing a holster for my back to hold adamsdeads rifle (sorry 4 the long comment

Wafflicious (author)alfpwns2009-01-20

Make mango man's sheath.

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-06-14

Does it fit onto the dd-27?

i'm going to make a holster thing for it, and the knifes name is now the DD-15(goes along with the gun set i am making, they all work togeather. the DD-27 and DD-30 will hang from your shoulders, the DD-15 goes in its holster for use if you run out of ammo. and the DD-54SA goes in it's holster (the DD-54SA is the small version of my side-arm. works well). all of them work togeather. the DD-27 is for long range sniping, the DD-30 is for medium to short range and charging at someone, and the DD-54SA is for when you need to be quiet and shoot someone( the motor in the DD-30 would give you away). the DD-15 is just for if you run out of ammo.) i'm thinking about making them all click into one gun. the DD-30 would attach to the bottom of the DD-27 and the pistol would attach to the side of the DD-27, making them all usable. and easily inaccessible.

Thats a lot of weapons... Btw what does the DD stand for? It sounds like a big weapon if you combine them all... Are you sure thats a good ideA?

make mango man's holster. It fits on the gun I'd bet

you think i would know that... well, making them into one big weapon is a better idea then keeping them separate. i'm thinking that i will change the pistol a little so when you clip it into the DD-27 the pistol works off of the same main trigger the DD-27 has,m, but that is a project for another day. maybe hook up a second handle to to the DD-27 with a trigger that activates the DD-30. maybe DD stands for DSmans something. i really have no idea. i just thought DD-27 sounded cool, and then i went ahead and changed the names of those guns to match that. maybe my sniper could be the DD-S42 (sniper 42)

Sounds good. i think it should stand for either: Dsmans Dog, Duck, Digeridoo, or dumpling.

or doo doo butt i wont get into that...("butt" was put in for effect...) maybe dynamite.


Doo doo butt

no, but you could make it fit on it with some moding.

Ok. Nice knife.


apples!!!!! (author)2008-06-03

awwwwww.....cant make it cause i modded th dd 27 too much, it wont fit :(

apples!!!!! (author)apples!!!!!2008-06-03

oops, it doesnt connect to it lol

darth acexxacer (author)2008-05-31

looks nice


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