Assemblage Gatorade Figure Tutorial


Introduction: Assemblage Gatorade Figure Tutorial

Fun figures I started while deployed in Afghanistan.

Material plastic bottle caps, 5/50 chord or shoe laces bottle o-ring
Tools required: knife to hand drill holes, serrated knife to cut chord, lighter to sear chord

step 1: sear one end of chord to allow chord to pass through center-drilled bottle caps.
step 2: knot and sear the other end of chord.
step 3: slide chord into bottle cap all the way til the knot stops at opening.
step 4: stack bottle caps for arms/ legs to desired lengths, knot and sear knot.
step 5: cut o-ring into small pieces for fingers.
step 6: carefully cut slits into arm end caps for finger placement.
step 7: insert and super glue fingers.
step 8: draw face as desired.
step 9: play with figure and enjoy.



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