Picture of Assembling the Hand Bowl
So you bought a hand bowl from the instructables store but you don't know how to put it together?  Don't worry, this instructable will guide you through the process start to finish!
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Step 1: Numbering system

Picture of numbering system
First prepare the pieces for assembly by removing any paper backing.  The hand bowl has 14 vertical radial slices that fit into 18 horizontal cross sections.  The vertical pieces have parallel cuts in them (figure 3) and are labeled with a "Y", and the horizontal pieces have radial cuts (figures 1 and 2) and are labeled with a "Z".  Identify the vertical and horizontal pieces and separate them into two groups.

Step 2: First connections

Picture of first connections
Locate the vertical slice labeled "Y-1".  Next locate pieces "Z-5" through "Z-17" and attach them to the vertical slice via slot 1.

Step 3: Finish the backbone

This next step is the most challenging, locate vertical sections "Y-2" and "Y-14" and fit them into slots 2 and 14 of the piece you have just assembled.  Try to keep the vertical pieces straight as you are attaching them (or else they will get stuck halfway in), and be careful to keep all of the horizontal pieces in place.

Step 4: Bowl: pt 1

Picture of bowl: pt 1
Locate pieces "Y-10-2" and "Z-12-1" and fit them together as in figure 1.  Then attach this piece to the rest of the structure by sliding it into slot 10 of the bowl.  After this piece is in, you can also attach piece "Y-7-2" on the opposite side of the bowl.

Step 5: Bowl: pt 2

Picture of bowl: pt 2
IMG_0038 copy.jpg
Next find pieces "Y-8-2" and "Z-11-1" and fit them together as shown in figure 1.  Thread the top part of "Y-8-1" through the bottom of the bowl and fit it into slot 8 of the main backbone section.  Next thread piece "Y-9-2" through the slot and the bottom of the bowl and attach it to slot 9 of the structure.

Step 6: Bowl: pt 3

Picture of bowl: pt 3
Attach pieces "Z-17" and "Z-18" to the frame.

Step 7:

Picture of
Locate and install the remaining vertical elements of the bowl; they will be labeled "Y-(number)-2". 

Step 8: Hand

Locate the hand shaped piece "Z-4" and attach it to the rest of the piece by using a vertical support, such as piece "Y-9-1".  Then fill in the rest of the vertical supports on the hand, they should all be labeled "Y-(number)-1".

Step 9: Fingers

Picture of fingers
You should only have small circular finger pieces left at this point.  Each of the finger pieces are labeled with a large number, which corresponds to the finger they are associated with, and a smaller label of the form "Z-(number)-1", which corresponds to their position on the finger.  "Z-1-1" belongs at the tip of the finger and "Z-3-1" should be at the upper part of the finger.

Step 10: Finishing

Picture of finishing
The hand bowl is complete!  However, you may notice that some pieces (especially the finger tips) won't stay put on their own.  Use a dab of wood glue to secure any loose parts.