just made this wall mount for the asus tf, fits perfectly
maybe you can make it fit your ipad, samsung...  by just some little changes
i put it on the wall using some screws

edit, on the video you see a little upgrade down on the holder i changed 1 piece so you can charge it

Step 1: Build Part 1 + 2 + 3

Step 2: Connect These 3 Parts

Step 3: Build Part 4, 5 ,6

Step 4: Connect the Last 3 Parts

Step 5: Connect These 2 Pieces

you r done!
I would be scared to put my $400+ transformer pad on there... But it looks very nice! And useful! good job!
I was a bit scared too,<br>But is is extremely strong,<br>I used it for about 50h now,<br>And the fit is amazing!<br><br>Anton

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