Attachments for Grand Titan





Introduction: Attachments for Grand Titan

this attachments for the grand titan arm with the little black thing

Step 1: In This Step You Make a Chopper

follow the steps

Step 2: In This Step You Make a Hand

again follow the steps

Step 3: In This Step You Make a Rocket Launcher

to fire simply flick the back of the missle

Step 4: In This Step You Make a Grabber

grabs on to other bars

Step 5: In This Step You Make a Propellor/blade

Step 6: In This Step You Make a Hook

after this you are finished



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    You finished it! :-D Never thought anyone would ever mod my own things. By the way, why didn't you told me?

    The arm was supposed to be a cannon actually, ;-) But you did gave me a few good ideas of making a different robot.

    The helicopter just looks a bit... weird. That might be improved a bit. But other then that, it's great. There's a lot of interesting and different stuff you can try with these attachements.

    Thanks. Yea sorry about not telling you I seen a comment u posted but I thought instructibles had posted it so i wasn't sure
    :-) glad u liked it