this is an instruction on how to create a box that houses a small recording/playback module that matches a public bathroom interior.

Step 1: What You Need...

this is what you need to make one of these.

enough tile to at least cover electronics (we used a 6"x6" piece from Home Depot)

enough styrofoam as tile that is at least a little thicker than a 9V battery (we got it from A.I. Friedman)

twice as much posterboard as styrofoam (you need a oiece for the front and back)

one recording module (you can get them here )

9V battery






velcro pads

!!! once you get all that cut the tile, styrofoam and posterboard to all the same size !!!

Isn't Jenny's phone number 867-5309
no it's 867-530-NIE-EEE-IE-EEE-IEN hehehe this is fun stuff...
lol, nice.
The radio shack recording module here looks really handy, but I'm in the UK and they won't ship here... The equivalent in the UK is more than twice the price, typical rip of England... is there anyone in the US who's up for buying me some and posting them? Can pay you via paypal. Cheers.
First off, I could have done without the crude picture of a penis. Why people think that I want to see a penis other than my own when I go pee is beyond me.<br/><br/>Second, doesn't this violate the most basic <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzO1mCAVyMw">rule of public bathrooms</a>--NO TALKING IN THE MEN'S ROOM!<br/><br/>Outside of that, good instructable! :)<br/>
I read that garbage about bathroom etiquette too, only i'm not a sheep. I do what I like, and If a friend follows me into the bathroom i'll fucking well talk to him as much as I like. In fact there is something interesting about the whistle and chatter in a bathroom echo I enjoy. WHoever wrote the bathroom ettiquette rubbish can stick it. (this is just a rant btw I'm not yelling at MrMath)
Talking in the restroom has a place. It's called the women's room. If you're going to talk in the bathroom, you must be a woman, so take your conversations there. (This is just a rant, btw, I'm not calling Thumperings a woman). OK, that whole paragraph above is a JOKE! It's April Fools day! Seriously though, I don't know why, but talking in the men's room is frowned on by most men. Not all men. I have some good friends who are bathroom talkers. I don't know why, but it's a pet peeve of mine. No talking in the men's room unless you're talking to your kid.
I say the whole thing about bathroomtalk is about the genderrolls and the oppressive silence imposed by socioty on men who wishes to express feelings of any kind, especially in sensitive environments. Causing most of us to shut up all the time and speak only in single syllables, less we be thought of as unmanly. This has been a rant at postvictorian socioty. Also .. this is a cool idea and a nice instructable to match.
Absolutely correct. Of course people don't want to see drawings (great or horrible) of reproductive organs. In the Terms of Service I believe that this is stated to not be allowed on this site.
<em>In the Terms of Service I believe that this is stated to not be allowed on this site.</em><br/><br/>I don't see anything that says that explicitly.... implicitly, instructables has the right to remove content deemed obscene.<br/><br/>Of course.... one could just look at it and recognize an archeulean axe :P<br/>
Add and eye and you have a charging bull dog... :) But, seriously... I'd rather it had been done without the phallic symbol as well.
This costs someone around $15 to do and after spending all that money, I'm not sure people in the bathroom are going to want to press the buttons. At the very least, you should consider automating it with a PIR sensor (only $2 more). The biggest problem I see with it though, if it isn't removed from the bathroom right away, sooner or later some clever fool will take it off the wall, throw it in the urinal and pee on it. Maybe you should reconsider where you are placing these things. It might have larger impact placed somewhere other than a restroom.
the purpose of the project was the make it completely interactive. We want people to press the buttons. We were expecting it to be taken down in a day. We hung 3 up and to our surprise they have lasted for 3 weeks. It seems that people feel like disgracing it by saying something gross or funny into it (which is exactly what we wanted) instead of smashing or pissing on it. As for the penis... the whole point of this is about bathroom wall graffiti, which IS obscene. We also thought the penis would let people see it as something thats not that serious, and they can feel free to play with.

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