Step 8: Massage Rehearsal

my performance incroporates a massage, this is a reharsal in a doggy basement ...
HAHAHAAH!! you are right smart kid ! HAHAHAAH! sorry ! (why do they speak in inches !? cm are so simpler !) HAHAH !
We've never converted. As you may have noticed, we're not the smartest county.
But did you find the elusive brown note? If so, call Mythbusters pronto.
on Braniac "British Science Show hosted by Richard Hammond" they played the "brown" note. They said it was used in france to control riots on sumthin and when watching the show they warned viewers to have a toilet nearby but it didn't do jack
Oh,I watched that episode.I like Brainiac. YELLOWY BLACKY GOODNESS
Wouhou, more details on the brown note please !
Mythbusters claims no, but I suspect very low frequencies could have an effect, much like any sort of vibration.
I would like to try this out!
DO !
where did you find a 500 w speaker for 27€??!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sonolightclub.fr/boomerssono.htm]http://www.sonolightclub.fr/boomerssono.htmone">http://www.sonolightclub.fr/boomerssono.htm]http://www.sonolightclub.fr/boomerssono.htmone</a> of paris cheapest, if this helps ... ?<br/>
thanx bro!
RE :BROWN I think I found the brown note one time accidentally. For it to work, you can't expect it. On the myth busters they were expecting it, so it can't work. I didn't have a scope on the circuit to know what frequency it was. I recall I was listening to the (constant) frequency for about a minute. Maybe I had a bad lunch that day? I guess it was around 15 Hz
thanks. Do you know any web-page with sound frequencies and it's effect on people ? military use included ? thanks
I don't think sound effects work reliably, if they work. A sounds effect is up to the person hearing it, some people are unaffected by sound. a Reliable device they just made is the microwave gun that instantly heats up your skin and you fall down or run away from the pain. If they had a sound (working) machine we would know about it.
it may not be as subjective as musical taste i think. Music ou soundwaves can really affect universally if it gets physical, intense. Music Psychology and Musicotherapy, even if their applications is not as obviously critical as Audio-weapons are common study areas, so i bet they are proven their efficency. But what i want to do is not a healt-care tool, it's for an artistic experiment so, even if i'm looking for efficency i may end up creating things empirically ... I wish it did exist as a common furniture, or music instrument, what i'm really interested in now s to compose special music for it.
Oh you are the maker of this instructable! "brown note" was for jeffreyf. I made a similar device(to this instructable) a few years back. What I did was make a custom bed frame and installed a 6-8 inchlarge woofer in the middle, under the matress. I then listened to music with the bass turned up.
layin on big speakers CAN'T be good for your balls.
My balls are very happy at the moments. I must try harder. MARACAS !!!!
sorry guys, nasser was cesar, he's my friend, using my internet connection : i actually wrote thos silly notes, soory.
I don't think it'd be too bad for you, although you may get some cumulative hearing loss.
i really don't mind as long as my belly's fat is vibrating madly .... addictive !!!! TRY !

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