image 3 shows my damn old toolbox, so you see i need a new cool one urgently!

but this is only my prototype, and I'm still working at this instructable.
if you have some ideas, please tell me about and I will see if I can add it.

Step 1: The Component List

spring rollo with stable material
anchor rail 4x ca. 70cm
tear-leash, emergency leash
2x hooks
a lot of rubber bands
needle and thread
M5 threaded rod
nuts and washers
wood screws
door reck

<p>This is amazing - never seen anything like it! Very cool. :D</p>
<p>I've never seen anything like this before. Look like it would be incredibly useful though! Nice!</p>
<p>That's a really slick idea, I like how the hanging bar doubles as the handle. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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