Introduction: Automatic Airsoft Blowgun

Picture of Automatic Airsoft Blowgun

2 pens + electrical tape + an exacto knife + airsoft pellets =

mega pain!

Step 1: Cut the Holes

Picture of Cut the Holes

take all the "guts" from the pens and drill a hole through one side of a pen. then you tape one pen on to the other one over the hole!

Step 2: Finish Him

Picture of Finish Him

tape it all together, fill with pellets and enjoy


BrandonSwag (author)2013-10-06

I would assume at one point the gravity feed would jam up though no?

thing 2 (author)2011-02-04

I made one similar to this. It's sweet!

Air_Assassin (author)2011-01-05

@joemonkey get a medecine bottle fill that with bbs then put hole in med bottle and it has a bigger mag!!!

llamafur (author)2009-01-11

Just fill your mouth with bbs and blow through a bic pen tube

Air_Assassin (author)llamafur2011-01-05

good idea though

Air_Assassin (author)llamafur2011-01-05

The mag on that pen gun has more fire-rate

mysticperson23 (author)llamafur2009-04-07

that's a great idea

samando (author)2007-03-05

im not sure what country u all live in but i think its in America or at least not australia because we use hobby knives and if im wrong..... sorry

Captain Dyson (author)samando2009-05-19

yes u r right exacto is just a make

poopercooker (author)2009-04-05

bbs not pellets sorry people have been saying that and its a lil weird BUT STILL

Opieone (author)2007-05-15

Then problem im having is getting the bbs to fall through the hole so im try to get a bendy thing in the magazine so it presses it down after each one

bylerfamily (author)Opieone2009-02-10

You could put a metal bb on top the plastic ones.That would work.

stephenniall (author)2009-01-08

I made one similar to this but connected a keyboard (compressedair) cleaner It hurts

turkeypig144 (author)2008-11-23

If your camera was out how did you put it on the pc.

Big Boom (author)2007-09-01

i made this and it works pretty well im gonna take it to school and bounce a few off some kids heads LOL

Big Boom (author)Big Boom2007-09-01

bb's i mean not the gn it self

Epeoples (author)Big Boom2008-11-10

that's good

mastermakoko (author)2008-10-04

does it shoot hard?

VexMutz (author)2007-09-21

Thats cool its like a spitwad gun with a handle and bbs

Mace42 (author)2007-06-09

Nice gun. I would love to have it as a part of my group. Would you mind adding it?
hers the link: linky

Mace42 (author)Mace422007-06-10

I'm working on a few mods for this. I'll add em soon.

evanthehunter (author)2007-05-12

So u just take a deep breath and blow then about 15 bbs fly out?

knexer1 (author)2007-04-15

What you really have to do is take an air compressor and one of the blow gun attachments for it and an inflation nozzle that has a really small hole and put that up to the back of your gun. I also made a huge magazine by connecting multiple tubes with pencil grips. When my gun is hooked up to the air compressor, it can shoot around 80 pellets per second @ 100 psi.

knexer1 (author)knexer12007-04-15

I forgot to say that the picture was of the blow gun.

noobsarenew1 (author)2007-03-27

awsome! thanks im haveing hard time cuting pens with steak knifes :( allmost done just gota jut off 1 end and then pop off a cap that i cant get lose its in tight then i ll post pics :)

your mom (author)2007-03-19

i dont understand how you, like fire it

joemonkey (author)your mom2007-03-19

fill the top pen with ammo and blow realy hard on one end

casvandegoor (author)2007-03-12

looks good

PetervG (author)2006-12-09

Oh my god, theres only two friggen pictures. Theres already been an instructables on this.

joemonkey (author)PetervG2006-12-10

sorry i built it and decided to post it, and i only took 2 cause my cam died

PetervG (author)joemonkey2006-12-10

: / Thats what everyone says.

Name goes Here (author)PetervG2007-03-08

If you dont get how to build this im sorry... your just stupid

Aeshir (author)2007-03-04

How do you use this? Did you know that at the time of this post, there are at least 14 blowguns already on Instructables? Does that sound ridiculous?

loveleetnk (author)2007-03-01

the best blow gun made with house hold items. but only if your wife knits our you live at home

leonthestmasta (author)2007-01-22

ya... um.... can u hv some pics of each step lke gather all materials nd then tell us step by step how 2 make thx a lot!!!

b-dog132 (author)2007-01-20

this is fun wat i do is put one of those air perssure things and it really hurtssss

admanrocks (author)2006-12-09

kids at my school have been doing this, its really annoying

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