The blowpipe made of a pen body or a drinking straw is a very common school and office weapon because it is very easy to make.

It can deliver high-speed spitballs over distances up to 15 meters (16.4 yards) (depending on the type of projectile that is used and the blowing technique)
It also has good accuracy (depending on the length of the "barrel" and the type of projectile used).

But most of the battles occur at close range, where you do not need the big range and you also don't need high accuracy. In close-range battles you need something that would shoot a maximum amount of spitballs in a minimum time.

And that is what I want to teach you to make.

Step 1: Supplies

you'll need:
1.drinking straws or pens, the outer surface of the pens should be without facets and their internal diameter should be the same. (you'll need a piece of straw anyway.)

2.small scissors and x-acto or paper knife for the straws, drill for the pens (if you have some skill you can use an X-acto knife instead of the drill)

3.CD-pen (you can use anything that could write on plastic and is permanent)

4.hacksaw for the pens(again, an x-acto knife and some skill will do the job, too.)

5.super glue or glue gun(the straws dont like hot glue 'cause it's hot)
why you have to leave a slit?<br>
to let the 'lock' element slide into the feeder and obstruct it, so that no rounds fall in the barrel and no air escapes
it isnt working for me now matter how hard i try. i try doing it but it isnt working.... Rating: 7/10- Good
wat do u mean it works for me
Maybe make a more durable one with bic pens?<br />
уоu would have to have a lathe to shape the clips and the feeder if you want to make them from pens.<br />
If you use big enough straws, you can use bbs!
great instructables I've been making these for sometime but whenever I blow the ammo comes out of the clip. but i think it may work now. Also I use the tongue method!! Yay!! I'm not the only one.
i would try wiht pens
firstly don't say not to critisise otherwise people will just to annoy u but this is a great Instructable and I will make it when I find something with a good size barrel
This is really cool! Most blowgun instructables that use straws suck but not this one! 4.5/5 stars!

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