after seeing several mounting to listen to the music of his ipod with an old radio cassette (ipod in cassette tray)

I wanted something more convenient to be able to change the song without removing iPod

you need:
-old car cassette player with aux in
-cd-rom tray system
-5v relays
-5V regulator

-minis switch
-cheap ebay iphone dock with audio output
-car lighter mini usb charger

this assembly can prevent theft and keep the original look for a car collection

more it can charge the ipod at the same time without wire that exceeds and the cigar lighter remains free

for the operation, you must press the fast forward button to eject the tray and switch auxiliary  thanks to a contact on the tray

put the ipod in place and enjoy the sizzling sound of your old radio

remove the ipod, press the rewind button to close the tray and the radio will automatically when the slide is retracted electrically

it's magic!

on the video, the light display was grilled
dock door was badly painted

since everything is ok!

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Step 1:

Picture of
disassemble the drawer cd-rom, a cut out to adjust it the location of the cassette,
disassemble and glue lowest possible circuit iphone dock in the middle of the tray

adjust the frame of the cd-rom with the engine flush cassette opening

i use sheet of alloy to renforce the new system tray and epoxy glue to complete

Step 2:

Picture of
fixed with epoxy and iron wire frame of the ipod dock

connect the +12 v connector to the car stereo 5v regulator

connect the relays (I use 6 because I do not find with multiple contact)

-on the shema, the No. 1 represents the open-close switch and coils of relays 1 and 2

- No. 2 represents an h-bridge that allows you to run a motor in both directions with a fixed supply
contacts are associated R1 R1 coil
same for R2
variable resistor is an option that can varie the open-close speed

, No. 3 represents the principle automatic switching radio to ipod

sorry not to have more photos, but I tried to explain the best!
if you have any questions do not hesitate!