Picture of awesome 5'x5' giant art from shower curtain

big art costs big money, so i thought what solution can i make for this. On sites like amazon you can find cool finky shower curtains with all sorts of prints from 10$. Be sure you get a fabric on not a plastic one

Step 1:

Picture of

You will also need

nail gun and/or drill and screws


6 1x2x6 s

staple gun

Cut 1x2 s to desired lenth depending on how much of the pattern you want to show. Heres they key to this, instead of making 1 frame make 2 frames equal size. I used nail gun to set and screws to hold it fast

bstragier1 year ago
if you have a fabric store in your area you should be able to find cheaper materials.
TamS11 year ago

A very creative use of a shower curtain. I prefer larger works of art for my wall and this is something I could pull off. Thanks for the ideas :-)

fzumrk1 year ago

Another way to stretch your fabric is a way a learned in art class back in the day. Start at one corner and staple or tack the fabric to frame. Move clockwise to the next corner, stretch the fabric tight and staple or tack. Work your way around all four corners and secure the fabric. When you get back to first corner, move a little bit clockwise of the first staple or tack, pull the fabric tight and put in the next staple or tack. Keep working around the perimeter of the frame in this manner until the fabric is fully secured. You should end up with an evenly stretched piece of fabric with no wrinkles.

The oatmeal.

Am I the only one that sees Chuck Norris punching a bear in the face? xD

That's a great idea. I noticed you can see the frame through the fabric though. Maybe if I did this I would put black fabric backing on there too.

egreer1 (author)  gravityisweak1 year ago

yeah its not as bad in person i think its the light from my camera, but if you do this and your shower curtain has light parts in the patern you may wanna back it with something

I can't believe a shower curtain that awesome exists! And I'm so glad you did it justice by hanging it on the wall like the piece of art it so clearly is! Amazing!

tofugami1 year ago
Great taste on artwork/ curtain.