Introduction: Awesome Lego Machine Gun

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this Lego gun shoots about 20 feet by using a magazine fed flick-fire missile system. warning! youre
eye will hurt if you aim to the face!

Step 1: Find the Parts

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the parts are; 8 small red translucent cones, 8 small rods with studs on top, 2 by 6 stud plate/brick,
1 1 by 14 rod with 13 holes,1 1 by 10 rod with 9 holes, 1 small Grey connector that fits into the holes
on the rods, 2 long black connector that fits into holes on the rods, 1 7 hole rod with no studs, 2 11 hole rods with no studs.'s all you need to build it.

Step 2: Make the Ammo

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use the Grey rods and red cones to make missile-like ammo. use all the cones and rods to make 8.

Step 3: Build the Base

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to build the base part, connect the 13 hole rod with 14 studs to the 9 hole rod with 10 studs so there is 2 studs on either side of the 13 hole rod. then, use the 2 by 6 plates to cover up 4 studs on either side of the 9 hole rod. finally, insert the long black rods into the 13 hole rod so there are 5 holes on either side and 1 hole in between.

Step 4: The Magazine

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insert the small Grey rod into one of the 11 hole rods and snap the other one onto the Grey rod on the end.

Step 5: Attaching the Magazine

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put the base on its side and put the magazine on the base so the rod sticking up goes in between the long black rods and the 2 by 6s. then snap everything into place by snapping on the 7 hole rod on it so there is 2 holes on either side.

Step 6: Loading It

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now to load it, put the ammo into the magazine FROM THE TOP TO BOTTOM! it should stop at the 9 hole rod.

Step 7: Fire!!!!!!

Picture of Fire!!!!!!

to fire, quickly flick the back of the missile on the bottom. do this while holding it don't touch the magazine while holding it. i am NOT responsible for any hurt fingers. hope you like it, bye!


TheKnexChicken (author)2016-03-18

,,It would be a good,, starter ,,Lego gun,, pretty cool

Knexboy223 (author)2015-03-07

You might of repeated it 100000 times but its cool

fasc23 (author)2013-10-03

Not so good:P

AjKing (author)2013-08-31

,, hi ,, (author)2013-07-03

lts totolly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oopsibrokeit (author)2012-02-15

i dont mean to be mean or anything but its a sub machine gun. although a machine gun with a chain would be the best lego gun EVER!

bomb voyajue (author)2011-07-06 you want to see REAL AWESOME lego guns go to the link here ^ you should look at his guns and his videos
they are the most epic thing you will ver see in ur life o.O

Sharlston Cat (author)2011-03-04

to be honest it is not really a gun it is more of a flick thing and parts go everywhere. a really gun made of costruction is a knex like what i build.

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-29

use something else to flick the lego pellets

brammeke11 (author)2009-01-27

Yeah its cool but, why does it has "knex" as tag?

it says knex because I could not find Lego.

u type it ;)

what do u mean by u type it? :o

lol u can type the tags

I am makin' a new machine gun

That was... off topic.

what i ment was that you type the tags they're not im a directory or something
nless i dont know somthing o.O

alfpwns (author)alfpwns2009-02-03

mini type dont work? lets see

iLikeCoolStuf (author)alfpwns2009-07-21 do u mini type? can u teach me hao to do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

alfpwns (author)iLikeCoolStuf2009-07-22

you put 2 commas before you type what your going to say then 2 commas after you typep what you wanna say ill use Periods to show an example .. like this but with commas instead of periods..

iLikeCoolStuf (author)alfpwns2009-08-03

Let me see Hmm


what mini type?

alfpwns (author)alfpwns2009-02-03


superawesomekid78 (author)2010-12-28

its actually really hard to make them look realistic.

gangang (author)2009-08-24

That thing is totally awesome

thanks. its not that good though.

monkeyweather (author)2010-12-10


monkeyweather (author)2010-12-10

It's so... mini

Wafflicious (author)2009-01-28

I made something like this before except it used a lego soccer guys kicking *chair* as a shooter.


samando (author)2009-02-04

it's cool, but it's from a star wars kit...

which one?

Not sure, but I saw an ad for it on TV a few months ago.

oh! I know what you are talking about. the one on TV is much different.

pls (author)2009-01-26

Haha this is cool!

superawesomekid78 (author)pls2009-01-27

thanks, its my first instructable.

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