so you have all probably wanted to make an awesome button bu didnt know how...
here are the instructions to how i made my awesome button with a leostick not an attiny
you will need:
a computer
your leostick
the code

##exceptional update 2##
i made a new case for it so now it looks first-rate 
haha i used the awesome box to make the marvelous words in this superb update and once again the exceptional does its job....

##brilliant update 3##
does anyone know how to add a ctrl z button to a leostick, ive been trying but its hard

##update##sites mentioning this

f you mention this on another site PLEASE tell me in the comments

Step 1: The Code...

the code was modified from the original to work with a leostick
you can also add words and change them to your favorite cheats from games

const byte NUMBER_OF_WORDS = 27;
char* words[NUMBER_OF_WORDS] = {
"neat", "cool", "wicked", "incredible", "excellent", "crack", "exceptional", "fantastic",
"fabulous", "fine", "first-rate", "marvelous", "super", "terrific", "tremendous", "wonderful",
"brilliant", "superb", "keen", "laudable", "worthy", "rad", "sweet", "fresh", "dope", "fly", "nifty"

void setup(){
randomSeed(analogRead(0));   //give the random number generator funky data as a seed
pinMode(0, INPUT);           // set pin to input
digitalWrite(0, HIGH);       // turn on pullup resistors

void loop(){
  if (digitalRead(0) == LOW) // is the button pressed?
    Keyboard.print(words[random(0,NUMBER_OF_WORDS)]); // type a randome word from our list
    Keyboard.print(" "); // and add a space
    delay(500); // wait a half a second

Step 2: Button Time

wire up the button to pin 0 and gnd

Step 3: Your Done

neat fine fantastic exceptional brilliant excellent tremendous laudable superb tremendous nifty 
<p>Thank you sir c: <br><br>your code was most helpful to me!</p><p>My one just presses space when the button is pressed, going to use it to trigger a photobooth, In the future I might figure out how to get it to listen on the serial port for a letter or word </p><p>then save it to EEPROM <br>so its easy to change the typed thing from any serial monitor :D</p>
<p>awesome :)</p>

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