a normal deck of cards is examined and shuffled, by you and a volunteer. the cards are the spread out all over the place. then, a volunteer gets told to put their finger on a specific card, for example, the 7 of diamonds, you pick it up, look at it and place it away from the rest of the cards. you tell them to put their finger on another specific cards, you pick it up look at it and place it down. this is repeated once more. then you say you will find one, pick it up look at it, and place it down. the cards are turned over and every card you said to find is there

Step 1: What You Need

a standard deck of cards
I'm going to get a lot of girls by doing this trick! Thanks or the awesome card trick
nice job. fun card trick.
I still don't understand this trick!
I think this needs better descriptions, or maybe a video. I don't get the point of this trick... there's no 'magic' in it...?
Look at it again. The only card the magician controls is the card on the bottom of the deck. The other "chooser" cards are random, but the magician gets to see them. The magician then reveals all the chosen cards in a way that makes the chooser think the magician was directing his choices. It's a clever trick!
thanks for the tip
sorry about the faulty pics

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