Introduction: Awesome Indoor Fort!

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This is an awesome way to make a fort for any person. Materials: blankets, rope, chip clips, a drill, and 2 eye screws (maybe 4) There is a couch bed, three chairs in the front,and a table. So vote for me and follow me!                                                                                                    

Step 1: Drilling & Inserting Rope

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First drill holes into a bolted shelf.  You then screw the bolts into the drilled holes. Pull the rope through the two eye screws. Secure the ropes under a couch leg or another bolted shelf opposite of the first bolted shelf.

Step 2: Making the Roof and Walls

Picture of Making the Roof and Walls

Now try and put up a blanket near the eye screws and (you need two people for this) one person pulls on one side. The other does the same on the other side. Then chip clip the blanket as good as you can. Now keep on doing that until you have no more room left. Now just chip clip another blanket with the same chip clips. Add some chairs near the T.V. and you can enjoy! 


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