Awesome K'nex Bb Gun



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Introduction: Awesome K'nex Bb Gun

About: school's too easy for me so i use my extra time to build stuff out of k'nex

This is my first instructable. As the title says this gun shoots bbs

PROS: Kinda comfortable.  good looks

CONS: If you have fat fingers, trigger will be uncomfortable. The worst thing for most people, you need a cut 5 slot piece if you want the bb inserter to work.

Comment on what you think about the gun and tell me if you want me to post the instructions.



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    I haven't built it so I would know how it performs, but i have to say, it doesn't look all that sturdy.
    Also, you should work on the looks of things like that handle connection or filling out the barrel and receiver to make it look better.
    I would recommend posting, peoples feedback will help you develop your ideas.

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    thanks for you advice. and yeah, it's not the best, but it is just a prototype. i'm working on a better one but i haven't had time to actually finish it.


    i'll try posting instructions IF i have time...what the heck, i'll do it but just give me some time : )