This is my first instructable. As the title says this gun shoots bbs

PROS: Kinda comfortable.  good looks

CONS: If you have fat fingers, trigger will be uncomfortable. The worst thing for most people, you need a cut 5 slot piece if you want the bb inserter to work.

Comment on what you think about the gun and tell me if you want me to post the instructions.
I haven't built it so I would know how it performs, but i have to say, it doesn't look all that sturdy. <br>Also, you should work on the looks of things like that handle connection or filling out the barrel and receiver to make it look better. <br>I would recommend posting, peoples feedback will help you develop your ideas.
thanks for you advice. and yeah, it's not the best, but it is just a prototype. i'm working on a better one but i haven't had time to actually finish it.
i'll try posting instructions IF i have time...what the heck, i'll do it but just give me some time : )

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Bio: school's too easy for me so i use my extra time to build stuff out of k'nex
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