Introduction: Awesome Knex Gun Model

Picture of Awesome Knex Gun Model

this knex gun does not fire any thing but it looks awesome

Step 1: Here Are All the Pieces You Will Need

Picture of Here Are All the Pieces You Will Need

this picture is kind of bad so ill tell you what it says

8 red rods
6 yellow rods
6 big bendy rods
10 green or black rods
12 grey rods
4 blue rods
12 greenish silver rods
2 blue connectors
18 white connectors aka snow flakes

Step 2: Basic Things You Need to Know How to Build

Picture of Basic Things You Need to Know How to Build

they are a little fuzzy

Step 3: More Parts

Picture of More Parts

the first one is kind of fuzzy but you can read it

Step 4: The Barel

Picture of The Barel

pay close attention to the pictures

Step 5: Asembly

Picture of Asembly

this is how it all comes together

Step 6: Adding the Final Details

Picture of Adding the Final Details

this is where you put all the final details

Step 7: Plagiarism

on this web site called "knex toy zone" i found my gun, and someone named rusty took all credit for it.
please check this website out and check if there are any of your designs stolen.


eagle92lightsaber (author)2015-11-27

I think this is a minigun

Randomguy65 (author)2010-11-28

Sorry, but can you get something that works? Replicas have been outdated.

king greeon (author)2009-01-30

thank you if you were nice to me. its my first instructable and i am still learning.

knexhero (author)king greeon2009-09-27

i've never made a gun as good as this one

lphillips094 (author)knexhero2010-05-25

my bro likes to have fake gun fights with knex guns
so i built this one as a machine gun
also if you havnt read yet, i am king greeon
i 4got my password and created a new user

TigerNod (author)king greeon2009-05-16

Hey, take a look at this gun. This was the first slingshot ever created. it is very simple to build and I think you will like it.

knex phantom (author)king greeon2009-03-17

i haven't made an instructable yet, no camera *sniff* but it is fun to post :-)

squarepants (author)2010-01-04

 try building some other guns to see how they work. When your confident enough to start building a functional gun, or a replica, go for it, but remember you dont have to post everything your make.
As for this, its not a bad first effort, but not many people like to build models which arent replicas.
finally, try not to use awesome in your title, as it makes people think you are quite big headed.
a modest 3* keep on building though =)

lphillips094 (author)squarepants2010-05-25

thank you
i for got my pasword so i created a new user
i am still king greeon

infamousdan (author)2009-10-22

this looks like the mulcher from gears of war 2 yay!!!

ccombs505 (author)2009-06-10

if you think u can turn it in to a sword and i made it and its very sturdy and can be long as u wont

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-03-07

awesome yes practical no Build maybe when Im bored

randomstake17 (author)2009-02-15

awesome looks like a chaingun like on a black hawk. Heres some ideas you could make some more barrels for the gun or a bripod or just make it bigger but its your model you decide

nichodo (author)2008-10-07

wow the gun is nice i will upgrade it to look more like a flying cannon, and i will add a firing pin. note: i do not have the required pieces to make the gun,

nichodo (author)nichodo2009-02-01

I now have the required pieces.

Oblivitus (author)2008-09-06

I like the random city scene but not the gun. If you make more, use that backdrop again.

king greeon (author)Oblivitus2009-01-30

thank you. I will again. i got it from a lego stop motion set. it is my 1st instructable and i am sorry if it looked bad. i am going to post my multi gun soon, its a hybrid of a sling shot and a bow

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-01-11

Lemme guess: M134 (minigun) ? Or M61 (gatling gun)? But it is not that beautiful, look to ironman's gatling gun, it looks better and it also shoots.

The Jamalam (author)2008-06-21

take this out of the robot contest please, it is in no way related to robots.

bannana inventor (author)2008-06-15

You should post a working one. That would be awesome.

Sypran (author)2008-05-24

i agree with every comment on this page before me (and maybe some after me) exept adio

adio (author)2008-05-23

u gave me an idea all i need is alot of motars string and rubber bands

dsman195276 (author)2008-05-03

i am sorry, but it just looks bad. the bendys do not help the look. please at lease post something working.

Itsgoofytime (author)2008-05-01

Agreed as with the others.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-05-01

It looks kinda cool, but if it shoots, that would be more awesome.

And I agree with Lossewire; SOE Operative: Please remove this Instructable from the Robot contest, it has no relevance to it at all.

Please remove this Instructable from the Robot contest, it has no relevance to it at all.

flames10391 (author)2008-05-01

looks like the first thing i ever build out of knex back when i was like 4

sammyb (author)2008-05-01

I do not think that this gun looks that cool, and please next time build a working model. Nice try I suppose, better luck next time

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